Friends Of The Earth and a stroll around Collingwood

I had a very early start to the day yesterday and as much as I don’t like waking up at 5:30am, I do love being out alone on crisp clear mornings.  I was waiting for a tram in the city at 7am and although my hands were freezing, I had to snap a pic of Collins Street:


When I was done with my appointment I had some more errands which took me to Melbourne Central, which is a shopping centre complex (and train station).  I was surprised to see this community garden set up in Melbourne Central, and people were seated against the plants reading or chatting with friends:


Glad to be out in the fresh (polluted city) air, my next stop was Smith Street in Collingwood:




A closeup of the poster in the top righthand window made me laugh in a resigned, unhappy way.  Meet our new prime minister:


I loaded up the Happy Cow app and found that I was around the corner from Friends Of The Earth.  Sweet!


On offer were a selection of sweet treats such as donuts from Crumbs though I opted for the fine looking cake which was apple and walnut.  The texture was very crumbly but that didn’t stop me, naaaatch:


I also ordered a soy chai to go with it, which was lovely:


I wish I had more time to look around Friends Of The Earth (check their website) and I’ll definitely be back:


Friends Of The Earth is located at 312 Smith Street, Collingwood.  Website here.

8 thoughts on “Friends Of The Earth and a stroll around Collingwood

  1. Love friends of the earth and that patch of street – it was my local many years ago but now don’t get there so much – the cup that the soy latte comes in looks wonderfully chunky and retro homey

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