Vegan MoFo 2013: Day 11 mish mash and a visit to Williamstown


So I’ve skipped days 9 and 10  (as in September 9th and 10th) and feel like I’ve fallen off the MoFo train.  I’m just too interested in the other MoFo recipes I’m bookmarking and can’t be bothered with my own theme!

One of the recipes I made was Singapore Style Noodles from Sid In The Kitchen.  Easy, delicious and reminded me of the Singapore Noodles my mum used to order from our local Chinese restaurant.  I am still on the hunt for a good curry powder mix as I think a great curry powder would take these noodles to the next level in my kitchen.  I used Keen’s curry powder:


Now the rest of the fam aren’t doing MoFo and Arthur requested waffles so I made the Peanut Butter Waffles from ‘Vegan Brunch’.  I have a Belgian waffle maker and when I bought it I didn’t realise I’d need recipes for a Belgian waffle maker, as my previous waffle maker was one of those smaller heart shaped single serve irons.  My Belgian waffle maker cooks four big square waffles at a time which is much better for me as it reduces the nag time (as in “when is the next waffle going to be readddddyyyyyyyy”, which is me and not the kids).  This peanut butter waffles recipe wasn’t changed at all here though I did feel they were slightly too soft inside.  I cooked them at night so we could have them crisped in the toaster the next morning.  They were pretty nice, though the family requested I stick to my other recipe which is cornbread waffles from the same book. I say who cares when there’s maple syrup!


This week, some tall ships sailed in to Williamstown, a residential suburb of Melbourne located by the bay.  There’s a marina and all those cafes and restaurants you’d expect from an area like this, with the pricey meals and ice cream to match.  Ditto for the houses.  Williamstown gets quite busy on the weekend as it is a lovely place to have lunch and stroll around, so the Veganopoulous clan always visit during the week when it’s nice and quiet.

Husband wanted pizza for lunch and the kids will never say no to that, so we went to La Porchetta which is your standard family friendly pizza pasta chain.  I was really hungry, decided to ignore my gluten free intentions and asked if the pizza bases were egg and dairy free.  I was told they were, so I got a vegetarian pizza without cheese.  It was okay but I was happy to be able to eat pizza with my kids as I usually sit and watch them all eat as I’m not a fan of veg pizza unless it’s more your gourmet posh stuff:


After lunch we walked around looking at the ships:





And then made our way back to the car.  In good time too, as it just started to rain.







It’s now a stay-rugged-up-indoors kindof evening and that’s exactly what I plan on doing, with the assistance of this chap, Doctor Blake and his murder mysteries.  Though I find myself wanting to tear my hair out at the dreadful overacting of his co-star *cough* :


14 thoughts on “Vegan MoFo 2013: Day 11 mish mash and a visit to Williamstown

  1. Singapore noodles are one of my favourite noodle dishes to cook at home, I made some last night and enjoyed leftovers for lunch today! I love Clive of India hot Madras curry powder, Woolies used to sell it but I’ve only been able to find it at larger Coles stores recently. It packs more of a punch than Keens!

    Nice shots of Williamstown – I’ve only been down that way once to tour the Sea Shepherd boats.

  2. Singapore noodles is a regular at our place. I recommend curry powder from any Asian supermarket found in spice section, can’t remember the brand though. You should check out ny husband recipe too on the blog called Tobys Singapore noodles.

  3. mmmm waffles (don’t have a waffle iron myself), you could ask about a curry powder in an indian shop and see what they recommend – I know my mum has a favourite one that her indian neighbour recommended years ago but I can never remember it – and love seeing the williamstown pics – would have loved to go there if we were not on hols – are the ships there long?

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