Vegan MoFo 2013: Day 6. Where Veganopoulous starts losing the plot.


My MoFo posts so far have been heavy on the side of BOOOOORING and I hope I find some MoFo mojo soon.  I did plan on lots of cooking and raw food prep but I’m finding it hard to drum up the energy for it.  Also, in the mornings I like to keep things simple where breakfast is concerned and stick to smoothies.  Today’s breakfast was another recipe from ‘Eat Raw, Eat Well’.  It’s the Cacao Strawberry Smoothie.  It was nice, though I’ve never been a fan of the whole chocolate-strawberry mix.  Or chocolate with any fruit.  I never liked Jaffas or any other choc-orange combination.  Anyway, this smoothie was made with nuts, strawberries, cacao, banana, date and I add in pumpkin seeds:


I bought some canned black beans recently and I was keen to repeat my burrito inhaling after pigging out in Sydney so I made the Home-Style Refried Beans recipe from Viva Vegan! by Terry Hope Romero.  I made it oil free by adding splashes of water to the pan for the frying stage.  Now to be honest, I’m not gaga over refried beans on their own but a recipe like this that is mixed up with a heap of other stuff in a burrito is perfectly okay by me and my burritos would definitely feel sad without refried beans.

I also made Terry’s recipe for Cilantro-Lime Rice in the rice cooker with brown rice but I got the measurements wrong (faulty memory there… or lazy because I should have checked the rice cooker manual) so the lime rice didn’t taste limey at all as I’d put in way too much water.  I froze it in batches anyway to use in later recipes.

I was too lazy to prepare my own salsa so I used an organic salsa-in-a-jar with some Tofutti sour cream.  It was just yeah whateverrr.  Certainly nothing delicious like a properly prepared burrito from a burrito experts establishment but that’s probably because the brown rice was kinda overpowering with its blandness:


And then later on in the day I realised I had one more of my mum’s stuffed capsicums to eat.  And then it was a case of “what do you get when you cross a tortilla with a stuffed capsicum and a lazy blogger?”.  You get this:


It wasn’t very good, despite the attempts to de-Greek it by adding fresh coriander and sprinkles of cumin and the sour cream.  But this is REAL LIFE.  This is the kind of crappy concoction you come up with when you are hungry and lazy and fast running out of interesting stuff to put on your MoFo blog.

See you again tomorrow… please?

13 thoughts on “Vegan MoFo 2013: Day 6. Where Veganopoulous starts losing the plot.

  1. I love your real life food – I make plenty of it – goodness knows how much ends up on my blog – probably too much – love schmooshing stuff in a taco – everything tastes better wrapped, surely

  2. You are way more adventurous with your smoothie flavours than me – I’ve been making the same one for years! I love the refried beans from Viva Vegan but I usually pair them with adobe tofu, lettuce, tomato, cashew cream and guac as they aren’t the most special thing on their own. The yemista wrap sounds like a great idea, shame it didn’t work out!

  3. Ooo, hello darling! Being a pal of that gloriarse Miss Fairchild, how could I resist?!
    REFRIED BEANS are my most favouritest thing!!! I do mine in a crock pot…No oil required! Rocks my world.
    I like your thinking re sticking the stuffed capsicum into a burrito,it looks like heaven………shame it didn’t quite work, but hey, you tried!

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