Vegan MoFo 2013: Day 5 has a raw breakfast at last


My favourite raw cookbook is ‘Eat Raw, Eat Well’ by Douglas McNish.  When I say it’s my favourite, that doesn’t mean I actually ‘cook’ from it.  It’s my favourite in terms of reading it like a novel and seeing all these amazing recipes.  I have made quite a few of the smoothies which are delicious and plan on featuring more of these.  Many of the recipes use a dehydrator and I really need to dust mine off and get it back in to action.

Today’s raw breakfast was the Apple, Almond and Ginger Chia Seed Bowl. The only equipment involved is a food processor– the process involved chopping up almonds, apples, ginger with a splash of almond milk (I reduced the recipe as it serves four) then adding some cinnamon, chia seeds, hemp seed and more sliced apple.  There’s an option for including a peach which I used instead of adding the second apple, and I used pumpkin seeds as I’ve run out of hemp seed:


This was delicious and will certainly be a raw breakfast I will make again in the warmer weather, which has started (boo, I really dislike the heat of our summers here). I’m looking forward to playing around with the nuts.  Oh come on, you know what I mean!

5 thoughts on “Vegan MoFo 2013: Day 5 has a raw breakfast at last

  1. sounds yummy and I am not normally into these sort of breakfasts but I am wondering if I could try this one – got to get some hemp seeds again one day when I can ignore the price tag.

    • It took me one or two attempts (last year) to get used to having something like this in place of what I usually had, but it’s so much easier now both to prepare, and also knowing that it’s very nutrtious. I wish the kids would eat it…

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