Lunch at Chan House followed by a stroll around Monet’s Garden

(note: please be sure to read the comments as there may be discussion about food at Chan House not being vegan after all SOB CRY WAIL.)

I recently read this blog entry on Chan House at Where’s the Beef and bookmarked it for a future visit.  With a late change in some plans for the day, I was able to catch a tram in to the city to get myself some lunch before heading off to the National Gallery of Victoria for the Monet’s Garden exhibition.

Chan House has a helpful “here we are!” board outside on Lt. Collins Street:


Inside, you look for this wee place:

chanhouse2The offerings for today:



I went for the $6.50 plain rice with a serving of the crispy mock duck and the tofu veg curry:


The mock duck was really crisp and served with a sweet soy sauce.  The tofu veg curry was okay with massive chunks of tofu (I got two chunks) but I found myself wishing more duck pieces had been put on my plate because it was so nice.  Still, it’s cheap, filling vegan fare in the city and the curry was a good match for our wet weather.

Then it was time to waddle down to the National Gallery and its funky-kitschy water wall:


And time to take some artsy hack photos:


Like of this cool floaty pool thing:


And the awesome roof:


The small cafe area was set up to complement the exhibition:


And of course, when you exit the exhibition it’s through the NGV shop:


You weren’t allowed to take photos in the exhibition but I snapped one of this big image (I saw others doing it which naturally meant it was okay):


You were allowed to take photos in front of this wall:


And then it was back home via Bourke Street Mall.  The big white building is Myer, a big department store in Australia with an annoying habit of advertising with “My this” and “My that”.  Like “My Store Myer” and “Myer is MY store”.  I can’t help muttering “My Arse” when I go past a Myer:


And then back on the tram for the ride home.  I love living right by a tram line, though it encourages me not to get my drivers license 🙂

8 thoughts on “Lunch at Chan House followed by a stroll around Monet’s Garden

  1. Chan House!! I was there the other day hoping they had prawn toast haha.. such a great easy option in the city. If you’re there on a day when they have black vinegar fried chicken, try it. It’s amazing!

  2. Watch out at chan house, my husband who reads chinese, discovered that things were apparently said to be vegan contained whey powder and other non vegan ingredients.

  3. The exhibition sounds fun! Love your shot of the roof! I always wish I could take some quick photos inside the exhibitions too! Didn’t they used to say it was because of the flash that you weren’t allowed? But they don’t even let you do it without a flash. I’ve been caught a couple times taking pics of the kids in front of artwork with my phone. 😉

    • it was strange because there were zero ‘no photography’ signs around but it did mention it on the ticket, but who looks at the ticket? Plus the people taking pics without flash had very obvious loud camera sounds that security would have noticed so I don’t know what was going on there 🙂

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