And now for something most entertaining

I love looking at recipes from decades ago and seeing just how disgusting meals were.  I remember a Womens Weekly cookbook my mum had in the 70s and there was this whole head of cauliflower that was somehow battered and breaded and served as an edible table centrepiece.

I had a great time reading through this 1950s Housewife Experiment by Jen But Never Jenn.  Oh my gosh.  I know Jen will forgive me and know exactly why I’m saying some of the food she cooked is really, really gross.  It’s a great reminder of why we must never repeat history’s mistakes and boy did the 1950s have some culinary disasters.

Another website I read many years ago and remembered now for this blog post is Weight Watchers Recipe Cards from 1974. My sides!  My nausea.  Read it for the food, the props and the commentary.  Clearly, the 70s did not learn from the mistakes of the 50s.

You can pretty much guess the links above will take you to non-vegan content but here’s your warning anyway 🙂  And here’s a warning for inappropriate, offensive content maybe NSFW etc at the second link 🙂 (and I’m not talking about the food).


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