Zambrero, Darlinghurst Sydney

I was thrilled to see a burrito-serving place around the corner from my hotel and even more thrilled at the ‘vegan’ sign in the window.  One of my first food stops for lunch was here at Zambrero, where I chose to pig out on a burrito containing everything veg: guacamole, rice, refried beans, lettuce, tomato, corn, japalenos, red onion, corn and a choice of a Zambrero sauce:


I was stuffed after this so the next time I read the menu properly and saw you can get the smaller size option.  The staff at the Darlinghurst outlet on Oxford Street were super friendly and changed their gloves when making up my burrito.  Win!

Zambrero have outlets in Melbourne too though I’ve never tried them.  I am however inclined to make my own at home, though for Vegan MoFo I’d probably experiment with a raw wrap of some sort.

2 thoughts on “Zambrero, Darlinghurst Sydney

  1. The outlet at Uni of Melbourne has become my top lunch choice whenever I fail to bring in my own food. It’s always popular but they shuttle their customers through efficiently and cheerfully.

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