Mother Chu’s Taiwanese Gourmet, Sydney

The Happy Cow app came in very handy before and during my Sydney stay.  The fam and I were on a random bus ride (you know, hop on a street bus to who knows where) and we ended up at Hay Street near Chinatown.  I’d read about Paddy’s Market and everyone was hungry so we thought we’d brave a food court then have a look around.  Husband and the kids were able to find lunch options but there was nothing for me so I loaded up Happy Cow and saw that Mother Chu’s Taiwanese Gourmet was closeby.  So I went off to get my lunch, arranging to meet the family at the Powerhouse Museum later on.

Mother Chu’s was easy enough to find and I was seated quickly.  There was some confusion as none of the staff understood what ‘vegan’ meant and I had to keep explaining how it was different to vegetarian.  I was assured the ‘vegetable combination’ with plain rice had no egg, dairy or fish sauce so I went for that.  It wasn’t a stand out or anything special but I was struck by how much I was enjoying the crispy vegetables.  Before I was vegan, I would never ever have enjoyed vegies like this.  It felt good to be on a holiday but still being able to load up on a veg meal:


The staff also told me the ‘red bean flaky pastry’ had no egg or dairy so I ordered one.  This was quite delicious and the pastry was certainly flaky:


I went back a couple of days later to try the green onion pancake.  I was told this was just a flour-water-oil-green onion recipe.  Truthfully, this is one of those snack foods that is technically quite bland but really yum at the same time.  I also got myself another red bean flaky pastry:


My experience was kinda ho-hum and I’m always concerned when people don’t know what vegan means but the waitresses did go to the kitchen and ask about any animal products so that was good.  The place is hustle-bustle but service is prompt.  When you order at your table you pay at the same time:


 I’d return for the green onion pancake and flaky pastries but probably not a main meal, unless I go there with a fellow vegan who is experienced with the menu and can recommend something awesome.

Mother Chu’s is located in Chinatown at 86 Dixon Street, Sydney.


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