A week in Sydney

Every now and then Husband gets some great cheap-as-chips offers for accommodation and when we can find some budget priced flights, it seems like a good idea for a short family holiday. We were fortunate to get a good deal on Sydney accommodation in Darlinghurst which is a fantastic location for exploring, so we booked a sortof-last minute holiday.  DeeW had never been on a plane before and insisted on packing most of her wardrobe (which, of course, I unpacked).

We pretty much did the typical touristy stuff with a focus on the kids.  The Powerhouse Museum is really good:


This piece of rock is 3.9 billion years old, older than 99% of rocks on earth:




We also went to the Australian Museum, another great visit for the kids but you know, I was oohing and aahing over the old woodwork:



Arthur and I went to the Maritime Museum and got to check out some sea vessels, and whacky maritime humour:


Arthur thought this bath plug was hilarious:


I like the faces on this Vikings chess set:



Arthur and I went to the Sydney Observatory. I WANT ONE:



Then we wandered around The Rocks for a bit and I bought some veg gyoza from the Japanese stall after being assured there was no animal content.  I didn’t take a photo because I was too hungry:


Husband wanted to take the kids on one of those jet boat rides.  I declined, because of the crazy price and the fact I hate being on any kind of boat.  Even the short ferry ride from Darling Harbour to Circular Quay made me feel sick.  I have photos of the kids going in to the boat, looking all excited.  Then photos of them coming off the boat, with their hair dripping wet and looking very unimpressed.  They did enjoy it though, particularly the fast spinning around bit:


We did a lot of walking around with my taking the standard tourist photos.  We didn’t go to the top of this tower, though I think I went up when I was a little kid:


Sydney Opera House and a closeup of the tiles:



Sydney Harbour Bridge, aka ‘the Coathanger’:


This was pretty much the route we took when walking to/from our hotel near Hyde Park:




The hotel was around the corner from Grandma Takes A Trip.  Wallpaper!  Old stairs!



DeeW loved this spiral fountain at Darling Harbour:


Sydney is the oldest city in Australia and is full of stunning buildings:



I bought some nut-seed cookies I’d made from home and trail mix type stuff and I’d buy fruit too, to avoid buying meals all the time.  For one of my non descript lunches I went to an Indian outlet in a food court somewhere:


and I enjoyed this delicious chocolate sorbet from a gelateria:


After my boycott of the Iku Wholefood store in Darlinghurst, I wandered around looking for a smoothie/breakfast/brunch place I’d passed but forgotten to note the location.  Instead I came across this little sustainable fair market and got a lovely fresh juice.  The juicer-women and I had a laugh about the healthiest juices looking the ugliest.  It was nice to start the day with a fruit-veg juice:



Sydney is a fantastic city to explore and like Melbourne, there are great options for vegans. I’m very glad to be back home, even if it means many loads of washing…

5 thoughts on “A week in Sydney

  1. Sounds like a fun holiday and a great birthday treat – I looooove museums and Sydney has some great ones – and it is just lovely to wander around – I love the rocks and remember a great peaceful oasis at a fish garden (I am sure I have the name wrong but it was just so lovely) but haven’t been to sydney for a while. Now I want to. The boat trip sounds more fun to watch than be on 🙂 and I think I went up sydney tower as a kid but there are so many more fun things to do that it is low on my list.

    • Yep 🙂 DeeW liked the dinosaurs but most of all she liked the $22 stuffed toy pink and blue heart print snake from the Museum shop. My sister gave her $20 to spend in Sydney so we said she could buy whatever she wanted to take home and now we have Hearty the python added to the already overflowing collection of toys…

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