A dinner at Yulli’s in Sydney: YUM

During our Sydney stay I’d planned to go out for a nice meal on my own.  There was a time long ago when I would never have gone out to a restaurant on my own, because of the ‘lonesome loser’ factor.  These days I love a quiet meal by myself.

Our hotel was near Crown Street and the Happy Cow app told me Yulli’s was about a fifteen minute walk away.  So with Husband and the kids enjoying the hotel pool, I went off to get myself an early dinner at 5pm.  5pm was a good choice because people started coming in immediately, telling me the place is certainly popular with locals.

The menu had some very tempting options and I went in to full on greedy mode and decided on three courses.   For my entree I ordered the ‘steamed leek and ginger dumplings with a fresh plum sauce’.  These were absolutely delicious and I could easily eat a dozen:


For my main I got the ‘vegetable sambal’ which the menu describes as “fresh seasonal vegetables and tofu stir-fried with an Indonesian style chilli and cashew sauce, served with jasmine rice”.  Another winner, though the rice was a little overcooked and was often in big clumps I had to stab apart, rather than fluffy grains:


I can’t go past vegan dessert in a nice restaurant and I was assured the sticky date pudding with coconut ice cream was all vegan.  Vegan sticky date with butterscotch sauce?  I’m there!  This was so soft and luscious:


This was a great dining experience with friendly staff, though the music volume was too loud for my liking.  At one point it was turned down but inexplicably, it was turned back up a few minutes later.  Regardless, I thoroughly enjoyed my meal and would happily recommend you try it.

Yulli’s is located at 417 Crown St Surry Hills, Sydney.


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