Iku Wholefood-the good and the waaah bad :(

I was very excited to learn that my hotel was right around the corner from an Iku Wholefood outlet, the Darlinghurst store to be exact.  I had been itching to try it and so one morning when Husband took the kids to find some breakfast, I skipped along to Iku, looking forward to the many fantastic sounding options.

I arrived at 9:20am and the ‘closed’ sign was on the door, next to one of those “we open at…” clocks, which was set to 9:30.  The stores open at 9:30 so I wandered off down Oxford Street and returned at 9:38.  The door still had the closed sign but someone was inside so I went in to ask what time they’d open, so I could go back in.  It looked like the woman was busy (I mistakenly thought she was on the phone as I couldn’t see her as she was bending down) so I looked over at the fridge.  Then, in a fine display of the worst customer service I’ve experienced in a long time, she snarled “we’re not open yet”.  Now, imagine wanting to give someone you dislike the filthiest look possible. A look that shows your level of disgust with them.  That’s the look this woman gave me.  I replied that the website mentioned 9:30, and I was going to say how I actually wanted to ask what time they open, but she cut me off with more death stares and death tone of voice.  Now, I like to think I’m assertive but this upset me so much I just walked out of there.  What should have been a lovely, peaceful morning was completely ruined.

I don’t get people like this– people who deliberately attempt to make others feel crap.  They certainly shouldn’t be dealing with the public with attitudes like that.  So the Darlinghurst outlet of Iku Wholefoods gets a negative six billion rating.

On a more positive note, I visited two other stores.  One was at the Pitt Street Mall and the other was, I believe, the AMP Plaza.  Staff there were lovely, especially the bubbly lass in the Pitt Street store.  From AMP Plaza I got this delightful wrap.  I can’t remember what was in it but it wasn’t the millet option.  I think it was the rice ball.  Anyway, it was delicious:


I followed it up with a little vanilla friand (top left, below), YUM:


From Pitt Street Mall I went for the Sesame Fudge Tart.  The texture was more custardy than I expected which was a surprise but not an unpleasant one.  I was asked if I wanted the cream and I said yes and it came drowned in it (again, not unpleasantly so!) and this cream was rice milk and sago:


Despite the horrible experience with the Darlinghurst store, I was very happy with the other two stores.  I was just very annoyed and disappointed that the store around the corner from me was a no go zone after the rudeness I experienced.


I definitely recommend you check Iku Wholefood out if you have the chance, but if you go to the Darlinghurst store you might want to wear an asbestos suit.

5 thoughts on “Iku Wholefood-the good and the waaah bad :(

  1. That is disgraceful customer service and an appalling way to speak to someone. I’m happy to hear that you had a pleasant experience at the other stores.

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