BBQ Sunflower Tofu from Let Them Eat Vegan!

This is one of my favourite tofu recipes for two reasons: 1) it is both easy to prepare and delicious and 2) ARTHUR LIKES IT. In my kitchen, that’s all I need for a recipe to be on regular rotation.  It also helps when I’ve been struck down with a nasty tummy/nausea bug (like right now) and I don’t have the energy to cook!  And it also helps me finish off the sunflower seed butter.

The Dreena Burton recipe for this baked tofu is simply a case of mixing the ingredients together (easy, just measure out in to a baking dish), put your sliced firm tofu in (I leave mine to marinate a few hours at least) and bake.  Serve to very food fussy child and marvel at how he is actually eating tofu.

The only thing I do differently to the recipe is add a splash of water to the baking tray before baking, just to prevent things drying out too much.

In the past I’ve sliced the leftovers and put them in wraps and have also made rice paper rolls with the tofu strips.  Arthur prefers his plain with swirly sauce:




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