What I Ate This Week (or so)

Food glorious food!  But first I have some sad news.  I was in Coburg yesterday and wanted to go to Cafe Sarabella for a piece of their vegan cake.  I was all happy hoppin’ along, having bought some coconut flakes for coconut bacon and then I noticed there were no chairs and tables outside Cafe Sarabella.  Never mind, I thought.  Perhaps Sara is inside cleaning up and can still sell me a piece of cake.  But you guys, OH NO.  There was a big sign saying they’ve closed because of damage caused by plumbing and their last day of trading was August 8th.  MUCH SADNESS.  I really liked going there. *SNIFF*

We’ve had some cold, windy, rainy weather here this week.  Two days ago there were branches blown off trees when we were driving around Brunswick and through the city.  It’s great reading weather though.  I borrowed three memoirs from the library but couldn’t make it past the first few chapters because the authors got on my nerves.  I much prefer leafing through my cookbooks.

Husband and I have been catching up on Red Dwarf episodes.  I will always have a crush on Chris Barrie.  Movie-wise, I have also been subjected to more Fast and the Furious films.  I also borrowed Julie & Julia from the library which was entertaining I suppose but mehhh I don’t know, Meryl Streep kinda overdid the Julia Child a bit.

Okay, the food. Let’s start with the apple hemp pancakes from Let Them Eat Vegan! by Dreena Burton.  I didn’t make a separate post about it because I really made them look bad on the underside, where the apple slices go (in my version… the lazy version), so next time I make them I’ll at least make them look presentable.  Anyway, this is a great healthy recipe (without lashings of maple syrup that we add, ho ho…):


I bought some falafel balls and made some hummus.  I like to serve these on top of salad greens:


I made myself wraps with sprouts, salad greens, avocado, vegan sour cream, sliced apple and pecans:

applewrapIs this alien space food?


It’s a calzone!  Made with my leftover Redwood Cheatin’ pepperoni slices and Notzarella.  Awful photo taken with my phone:


I made the Banana Scented Vanilla Cake, also from Let Them Eat Vegan!.   Can you see the evidence of my laziness (and why, again, I didn’t make a separate post about it)?  Note the indentations.  That’s because when I am lazy and line a round cake tin with baking paper, I just shoved a whole square of paper in.  Not the whole properly cut out a circle and side bits routine:


My mum made some pilafi (rice) and Greek style beans and potatoes:


My sister cooked up a bunch of mixed veg and some burghul and gave me some.  I love it when people give me food they’ve made.  If I cook the same thing for myself I won’t enjoy it and wouldn’t want to eat it.  I’m strange that way.  But if someone else makes it, even if it’s toast, to me it is raised to gourmet status:


I decided to make a mushroom stroganoff.  It was blergh.  The best thing about it was the bowl (from mum’s kitchen when I was growing up):


I had the falafel zocaccia from Zaatar in Coburg.  I can only eat half at a time as it’s so filling:


I had the No Wurry Curry pie from Funky Pies:


That’s pretty much it for the more interesting stuff.  I don’t put the standard boring veggies in there but every time I look over these What I Ate posts I think perhaps I should 🙂

Until next time!

9 thoughts on “What I Ate This Week (or so)

  1. love zaatar and red dwarf and share your sadness at sarabella closing – I went past today and there was no sign on the door and no sign of anything happening inside

    lots of yummy food – food made for me is also special. I laughed at the cake with the bulge made by the baking paper – I just cut a circla of paper to put in the bottom of the tin and spray oil around the sides so I don’t have to bother with paper bunching up – but my mum always used to have those sort of indents.

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