Finally: coconut bacon at New Day Rising

Yayyyy!  I got to try coconut bacon- facon!  Fiiiinally!  In the CLT bagel at New Day Rising in Brunswick.


As has been noted by other bloggers, New Day Rising is very small.  Husband and I showed up well after lunch hour and there was one other person there, and two more who arrived for a takeaway order.  So Hubs and I sat on the stools at the window and oh my goodness my CLT bagel was really, really good:


(I know I should have picked up that little piece of facon but honestly, I wanted to get the photo over and done with so I could eat.)

The coconut bacon was soooo smokey.  And salty tasting.  But soooo good.  The bagel itself was great, you know how some bagels are just blergh and all the wrong kind of chewy?  This bagel, wherever it came from, was great.  But the real star here was the coconut bacon and there was a good amount of it.  It went beautifully with the rocket and avocado.  Extreme closeup time!


Husband had the haloumi bagel and he said it was really good but too small for what we paid, which was… $21 for the two bagels.  But he’s a bit greedy, so… grain of salt.  I loved my CLT and very glad I tried it.  Now I have to find some flaked coconut because all the usual places I find it at seem to be out of stock.

Another good thing about my visit to New Day Rising was seeing this article in the newspaper.  I blogged about noise levels when I visited Chin Chin, and Chin Chin was actually used as an example in the article (an example of the noise level being on par with a jackhammer).  I’m justified, and ancient:


New Day Rising has been blogged about at Where’s The Beef and In The Mood For Noodles.

New Day Rising is located at 221d Blythe Street in Brunswick.  It’s right near the Nicholson Street intersection.  We drove past it the first time, so look for the tables and chairs outside.  That we missed.  Try to visit at a non-crazy hour!


6 thoughts on “Finally: coconut bacon at New Day Rising

  1. I’ve had to make my own CLT because I just haven’t managed to get there but you have inspired me to make an effort as I would love to try the original – I got coconut flakes at the vic market in the organics aisle but can’t remember where else

  2. We usually get stuck at the traffic lights and spend our time staring into that place, past all the groovy hipsters spilling out onto the footpath (They make me feel so old!). It’s the weirdest thing because they have no kitchen out the back, and the toilets are in the laneway, as far as I can see. It’s fascinating…and usually crowded, so we haven’t been there yet. That sandwich makes me think I’m going to have to make the effort.

    I’ve never heard of coconut bacon before, but I have made a fantastic tempehcon. Hmmmm…is it too early for lunch?

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