A vegan parma at The Cornish Arms

Before I was vegan, chicken parma (that’s short for parmigiana) was probably one of my favourite dishes to order in an eatery, though I’d often pick off the cheese because it was always big blobs of grease.  Anyway, I’m a sucker for anything in a crumb coating so you can see why this was a fave.  I did intend on making my own version at home with a Fry’s shnitzel but you know, mehhh.

Husband and I had some us time.  Which is the more-than-one-person version of ‘me time’.  I suggested we go for dinner at The Cornish Arms as they have a great looking vegan menu as well as non-vegan options.  Unfortunately I’ve had to give up my fantasy of Husband willingly eating at vegetarian/vegan establishments so when we go out to eat together, I look for places that cater fairly for us both.

We got there at 7:00pm which was lucky for us because about half an hour later all tables were taken and newcomers had to wait.  Our meals did take a while to come out (forty eight minutes to be exact) but I didn’t mind as I wasn’t ravenous.  I also enjoyed hearing the staff taking orders to tables and noting just how many people ordered the vegan dishes.

The Cornish Arms menu had quite a few temptations for me but well, I see ‘vegan parma’ on a menu and I’m putty.  Now some of my readers may be saying VEGANOPOULOUS YOU SAID YOU’D BE AVOIDING GLUTEN.  LIKE, 4623O04834^38453040 YEARS AGO.  Yea verily, the parma was seitan.  BUT tomorrow I should be getting a coeliac antibodies gluten shmuten blood test thingy done and I’m supposed to eat gluten apparently.  And secondly, I’m never going to make seitan at home to create my own parmas so really, the best option for me was to eat one that was made properly. Like this:


It was massive.  I don’t know if you can tell just how big it is by looking at the photo but folks, this was MASSIVE.  And thick!!! I knew there was no way I would finish it.  I gave half the chips to Husband and I ate the salad but managed half the parma.

The parma itself was tasty and dare I say quite meat-like, though softer than what a chicken parma would be.  But the crumb coating was great, the sauce was nice and the cheese was just the right amount for me.  However there was a flavour of some kind of herb (or spice) in there that really got to me after a while and I had to put the fork down.  I was stuffed full anyway so this wasn’t a big deal.  I don’t know for sure what it was as there are a few things I don’t like that taste the same to me (but different to others.  I have weird tastebuds).  It tasted like allspice and I find even a teensy amount of allspice is too much for me.  And even if this wasn’t allspice, it tasted allspicey.

I’ve finally satisfied the curiosity about trying a chef prepared vegan seitan parma.  It was like my last hurrah vital wheat gluten meal.  Although I won’t be having it again, anywhere, I’m glad I tried it.  I can definitely recommend it if you’re a seitan parma fan and don’t mind an allspicey taste  🙂

Here’s an extreme food closeup.  Nom!


The Cornish Arms is located at 163 Sydney Road in Brunswick.

7 thoughts on “A vegan parma at The Cornish Arms

  1. looks delicious – and I was never a parma lover – though probably to do with being vegetarian virtually from when I was pub going age. I do occasionally indulge in an eggplant parma and I wonder what the spice was – it wasn’t fennel was it – that is in lots of faux meat.

    • It didn’t taste like fennel and I really like fennel so I’m hoping it wasn’t fennel 😛 I thought it might have been tarragon but it kept leaving that allspice aftertaste in my mouth.

    • It’s fab! Though I haven’t had a pub meal in years I’m really pleased that my chances of finding a vegan meal are so much better these days. And I want to try out more of the places doing raw too.

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