What I Ate This Week- still slightly slack about it

So this week I’ve been remembering to take photos.  Except I feel that so much of what I eat is boring so I don’t often take photos.

Non-food wise, I’ve really been enjoying watching Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries.  I haven’t read the books but oooooh how I love that this is set in Melbourne in the 1920s!


I borrowed ‘A Casual Vacancy’ from the library.  I  like JK, I really do.  But aiiieeeee I could not get in to this book and had to stop at (something like) “their words went back and forth like beads on an abacus”.  If you’ve read it, tell me if I should give it another chance:


Okay, on to food!

I’ve made kritharaki a few times.  I still can’t make it as well as my mum:


A smoothie with banana, hazelnut, a bit of raw cacao and maca.  I don’t know the ins and outs of maca and if you should avoid eating it with certain other things:


Husband and DeeW picked up some California salad rolls:


One of my favourite smoothies is made with banana, lemon, orange, hemp seed and flax meal:


I made a nice simple salad, with a bottled raspberry vinaigrette but the verdict from Critic 1 and Critic 2 was “yuuuuuck”.  My kids just don’t like salad, neither does Husband.  FRUSTRATING:


(photo size change!)

I made a Mexican soup recipe from a Jamie Oliver cookbook.  The ingredients were canned tomato, red/green/yellow capsicums, carrot, onion, onion, garlic, bay leaves.  That was a little too bland for me so I added a little cumin.  The soup is topped with avocado, a squeeze of lime juice, coriander and I added some corn tortillas that I’ve had frozen since my visit to La Tortelleria.  Unbelievably, Husband ate the soup and liked it, though he only had the soup and none of the fixins on top:


One day I decided to make chick’n parmigiana because I had some pasta sauce and Notzarella.  But my Notzarella (the first packet I’d bought) had gone mouldy because I should have used it sooner and I thought it couldn’t be frozen (it can).  So the kids got the shnitzels but I snuck two crispy end pieces in to my pasta.  I cheat now and then and use the bottled sauce from Aldi’s Just Organic range:


While the pasta had been cooking, I was helping DeeW with her reading work.  Arthur offered to help her when I had to go back to the stove:


I made some zucchini banana bread and gave the Royal Albert tennis set another workout:


More chips were made in the Phillips Air Fryer and this time I lightly pan fried some tofu marinated in sesame oil, orange juice and zest and a little maple syrup.  I am so pleased Arthur eats tofu, it makes meal planning much easier:


The next volume of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries is sitting by the TV and that’s my calling for this evening  🙂

7 thoughts on “What I Ate This Week- still slightly slack about it

  1. love miss fisher’s mysteries – I read the books years ago and can’t remember which I read or who dunnit so I really loved the tv series too. They got the casting right for Miss Fisher which is important.

    I read the JK Rowling and couldn’t get too excited about it – it lacked the warmth of Harry Potter.

    Love your soup and your sauce flower

  2. Sorry to hear about your notzarella… we make it up here in Tweed. We’re working on better production and packaging that will help minimise this. Until then, you can freeze what you don’t use. It wont be nice and firm when you defrost, but it will still melt and be yummy.

    • Hi Ali! I worded my blog post stupidly and it sounded like I meant the Notza was mouldy in the packet but I had actually used some and didn’t use it in time (or something that was my fault). It was perfectly fine when I bought it. I’ve edited my post to reflect this. Sorry for the worry! It’s a great product 🙂

  3. The Murder Mysteries look intriguing. I wonder if I can get that here?

    Yummy looking smoothies and salad rolls!

    Good big brother helping there, huh? 😉

    My son will only eat Caesar salad. I usually get it, just to ensure he has some veggies.

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