Om Vegetarian and Open House Melbourne 2013

A last minute change of plans saw me freeee to catch a tram in to the city today and check out some of the buildings open for this year’s Open House Melbourne.  First up on the list was the Royal Historical Society:


Unfortunately I got the date wrong, it’s open tomorrow only.  So I slumped around the corner to the Hellenic Museum:


I got to look around upstairs (which always means photos of staircases and balustrades):


… and old fireplaces:


I was too busy taking photos to find out about these giant mutated Sylvannian Families:


The Hellenic Museum features stories about and by people who made the journey from Greece to Australia.  These are also the stories of my parents, who both arrived here with my grandparents when they were little.  I can’t imagine how difficult it would have been for my grandparents, knowing they would never see their families again and having to start from scratch in a strange land.  Fortunately they did have family here, who had arrived before them, but it was still very difficult.

After the Hellenic Museum, my next open house building was the former public records office, which now houses the Victoria Law School:









From there it was off to the Phillips Shirt factory, where I could have seen old machinery had it not been for the queue that was forty five minutes long.  A quick photo of the outside, then I went off to get lunch:


On the way home, I was near the Rendezvous Grand Hotel Melbourne (also part of Open House Melbourne) and a tour was just beginning.  The hotel celebrates its 100th birthday this year.  There were beautiful stained glass windows and wood panelling:








We got to look inside the hotel room with this wall art in the shower:


This is the ceiling gum leaf detail in the room:


Further down the corridor somewhere:


The heritage room:


Lunch was at Om Vegetarian on Elizabeth Street.  Up the old stairs:


and in to here:


A meal at Om costs $6.50 which includes rice and two curries plus naan and some hot pickle.  Yes, I only got two pieces of potato, but you can go back for more.  I didn’t, because the meal was quite filling plus I bought a samosa for $2.  Everything was pretty good:


Open House Melbourne is on tomorrow (July 28).  Did you visit any of the buildings?

10 thoughts on “Om Vegetarian and Open House Melbourne 2013

  1. I have plans to go today and got waylaid but am hoping to get out there tomorrow – glad to see where you visited for some inspiration as I am not sure exactly where to go but I loved it last year – was frustrating today to be opposite the espy where they had vaults tours but no time to go on one

    • awww that sucks 😦 I was going to go to the supreme court today but somebody on one of the tours said they went and found out it’s only on tomorrow. I can’t go anywhere tomorrow though so I’ll either have to wait til next year, or sneak around…

  2. Thanks for posting all these photos – we went through Melbourne Uni anatomy museum and the RMH tunnels. My boyfriend is returning tomorrow, and this helped judge what else might be worth looking at. Thanks for sharing!


  3. Yeah littlegirlwithabigpen, the anatomy museum is incredible. We went to that last year.

    Yesterday we had a tour of the Block Arcade (upstairs) and then went to the Children’s Hospital today. I used to work at the old hospitala looooong time ago, so I was interested to see the new one.

    We tried the Capitol Theatre yesterday, but it was closed, and we had the shirt factory on our list, but I’m glad we didn’t bother if there were queues. It all gets a bit exhausting. Last year we waited about 80 minutes for the Port of Melbourne cruise. I wish they’d just pre-sell tickets!

    That hotel looks great. I don’t even know where it is. Must look it up.

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