Annapurna Indian Restaurant, Salamanca

Husband and I have just returned from a short trip to Hobart (more on that soon).  Before we left home, I made sure to get a list of vegan places to eat and as luck would have it, Annapurna came up in my searches.  Lucky, because we were staying right around the corner!

The friendly waitress told me that there were quite a few vegan options so for my entree I went with the vegetable pakora to share with Husband (I only had my phone to take photos):


Oh my goodness, these were amazing.  I could eat these all day and WHY OH WHY do I not know how to make them properly???  The best bit was Husband chose not to have any so I had one then took the other two back to the hotel later, where they made for a nice snack the following day.

For my main I went for the Aloo Baigan, which was marinated eggplant cooked with potatoes and tomatoes with some rice and a vegan garlic roti:


The eggplant was amazing and the potato seemed like it was precooked (in a good way) as it was just so full of flavour.  This dish rates as one of the best meals I’ve had in a restaurant.  I loved every bite, though I could only manage to finish half of everything.  The leftovers were the following night’s dinner and let me tell you I was itching to get back to the hotel to finish it all off!

Annapurna is quite spacious and a few families arrived shortly after us and high chairs were brought out.  The staff were very friendly and efficient and our meals arrived quickly.  If I ever visit Hobart again I’m heading straight for Annapurna!  I’m still thinking of my meal and how good it was!


Annapurna Indian Restaurant in Salamanca, Hobart is located at 93 Salamanca Place (right where the Salamanca Market is held).  There is also a restaurant in Elizabeth Street, North Hobart and one in Brisbane.

6 thoughts on “Annapurna Indian Restaurant, Salamanca

  1. Thanks for this. We just rediscovered Hobart in January, but the veg restaurant I’d planned to go to had closed down. We ended up in a pizza restaurant eating cheeseless vegetarian pizza. This looks like a much better option. Can’t wait to go back there. My daughter and I just did a vegan food crawl of Canberra, which was great fun.

    • This restaurant was soooo good, there was also another called Momo which I’ll post about shortly. Your blog looks great and I’m wanting to visit Canberra too 🙂 Thanks for visiting!

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