Chickpea Pumpkin Seed Burgers from Let Them Eat Vegan!

I’ve tried a couple burger/patty recipes using cooked chickpeas as a base and both Arthur and DeeW have managed to eat them without complaining.  Arthur has rated them around 60% which is fine by me– as long as he eats something full of goodness I’ll take that 60%.  My aim here is to find a healthy recipe both kids will eat.  Even if I have to do the “you can have dessert after you’ve eaten all your vegies” bribe now and then.  You know, the kinds of food bribes all the child psychologist parenting expert people say you should avoid.  And before your kids were on solids you swore you would never ever subject your child to the dessert bribery.  Or childrens TV.  Or Barbie.  And then you find yourself watching ‘Arthur’ with the kids before going off to look for vintage Barbie clothing on eBay.

Today I decided to try the Chickpea Pumpkin Seed Burgers from Dreena Burton’s “Let Them Eat Vegan!”, one of my favourite cookbooks.  These burgers are made up of canned chickpeas, nutritional yeast (yay!), basil (I used the dried option), onion, cooked brown rice, oats, apple cider vinegar, Dijon mustard, ground flax, garlic, pumpkin seeds and of course S&P.  The recipe also calls for Annie’s Goddess Dressing which I don’t have (I don’t even know if it’s available in Australia) so I just did without.  Also, the recipe allows either ground flax or ground white chia seeds.  And red wine vinegar or apple cider vinegar.  I also used half the amount of dried basil suggested as I find dried basil very strong.


Oh… I just realised the recipe gives you an alternative if you don’t have the Goddess Dressing.  I didn’t see it.  Whoops… well, the burgers turned out great anyway!  Arthur and DeeW gobbled theirs up and didn’t complain.  I think this is because apple pie was in the oven.

This is such a great recipe and one I will have as a regular go to.  Everything is mixed in a food processor so if you’re lazy pressed for time like me, this will appeal.  Look at those ingredients!

Thank you Dreena for yet again making my life easier!

Al Nada All Vegan Lebanese Sweets, Coburg

Today I met up with my buddy T, also referred to as She Who Turned Veganopoulous Vegan, for a gym session.  Gym sessions are really good when your training partner says something like “did you know about the new Lebanese vegan sweets place on Sydney Road?”

Yes folks, ALL VEGAN LEBANESE SWEETS.  Oh my goodness.  Now, these Lebanese sweets are very similar to Greek sweets.  Think baklava and other nuts-and-filo delights.  As the Greek sweets all (mostly) have honey or butter between the sheets of filo pastry, it’s a no no for me.  So imagine my delight (and T’s delight) when we saw THIS:



Equally adorable is the delightful Mimmo.  She was telling us all about converting the sweets to vegan recipes and her interest in veganism and helping animals.  Unfortunately she has lost some of her regular customers since changing the recipes (boo to those people I say) but she has absolutely won me over.  And she has won new vegan customers too.

I really do encourage my Melbourne readers to head to Al Nada and talk to Mimmo.  Seriously peeps, THIS is the kind of business that should be supported.  Mimmo has changed family recipes and gone against some cultural expectations by taking the business in the vegan direction.  As a person who grew up with cultural expectations heaped upon me, I certainly appreciate what Mimmo has done here. So please check out the shop  🙂  Everything baked on the premises is vegan, though the sweets (more biscuity things) brought in from outside are not vegan.  There is vegan Lebanese shortbread though!




Al Nada Sweets is located at 160 Sydney Road in Coburg.  There are some tables and chairs inside.  And huge trays of sweets  🙂  Go go go!


A lovely day out in Melbourne: food and fashion!

Today I went to see the Hollywood Costume Exhibition at ACMI (Australian Centre for the Moving Image).  I enjoyed the company of three lovely ladies for lunch first, before heading off to ACMI.

I must admit when it comes to vegan food in the city, I stick to the places I know and never really walk around asking cafes if they have anything vegan.  I kinda feel I’d be walking around hungry for a long time!  So my hungry stomach was thankful today when we found Brown Sugar Cafe.  The man that seated us was very helpful and told me he could make me a vegan roasted veg salad or risotto.  I ended up going for the lentil soup as it was a soupy kind of day (cold, rainy, grey).  I never order soup as I’m not a soup person, but lentil soup is the exception:


It was served with a big piece of Turkish bread.  Very tasty and it was quite a big serving.  Forgive the crappy phone camera photo.  Naturally, I forgot to take a photo of the outside.

Brown Sugar Cafe is located at 25 Block Place, Melbourne.

After our lunch, we walked around a little and tried on hats. Then we made our way to ACMI where again, I didn’t take photos of anything.  And you weren’t allowed to take photos inside.  There were costumes on display including Audrey Hepburn’s famous black dress and her Eliza Doolittle flower lady costume; a selection of Meryl Streep’s costumes; Batman and Spiderman; Neo from The Matrix; one of the Elizabeth (Cate Blanchett version) dresses (stunning!); beautifully embroidered costumes from The Last Emperor.  And so much more, I can’t list them all.  Definitely worth a visit, if you like that sort of thing  🙂

After the exhibition we went for a pot of tea at Captains of Industry on Somerset Place in the city.  I’ve never been there before and loved the space.  Hell, I even loved the toilet seat– a hole in a piece of wood.  Vintage style!

My view from my chair (which was a little too low.  Or the table was too high).  SEWING MACHINES!!!



I didn’t take any more photos as I only had my phone camera.  Plus it was raining and it’s hard to hold an umbrella in one hand whilst trying to take photos that requires two hands!

I really love Melbourne in the rain 😀