Al Nada All Vegan Lebanese Sweets, Coburg

Today I met up with my buddy T, also referred to as She Who Turned Veganopoulous Vegan, for a gym session.  Gym sessions are really good when your training partner says something like “did you know about the new Lebanese vegan sweets place on Sydney Road?”

Yes folks, ALL VEGAN LEBANESE SWEETS.  Oh my goodness.  Now, these Lebanese sweets are very similar to Greek sweets.  Think baklava and other nuts-and-filo delights.  As the Greek sweets all (mostly) have honey or butter between the sheets of filo pastry, it’s a no no for me.  So imagine my delight (and T’s delight) when we saw THIS:



Equally adorable is the delightful Mimmo.  She was telling us all about converting the sweets to vegan recipes and her interest in veganism and helping animals.  Unfortunately she has lost some of her regular customers since changing the recipes (boo to those people I say) but she has absolutely won me over.  And she has won new vegan customers too.

I really do encourage my Melbourne readers to head to Al Nada and talk to Mimmo.  Seriously peeps, THIS is the kind of business that should be supported.  Mimmo has changed family recipes and gone against some cultural expectations by taking the business in the vegan direction.  As a person who grew up with cultural expectations heaped upon me, I certainly appreciate what Mimmo has done here. So please check out the shop  🙂  Everything baked on the premises is vegan, though the sweets (more biscuity things) brought in from outside are not vegan.  There is vegan Lebanese shortbread though!




Al Nada Sweets is located at 160 Sydney Road in Coburg.  There are some tables and chairs inside.  And huge trays of sweets  🙂  Go go go!


15 thoughts on “Al Nada All Vegan Lebanese Sweets, Coburg

  1. That’s awesome that she turned all those sweets vegan. I hope people support her. My favourite recipe (lentils and rice) is Lebanese and vegan. 🙂

    • ahhh is that your lentils and rice dish I keep telling myself I’ll make but never remember? I really do hope people support this business and spread the word, I like it when people care so much and others show their care in turn 🙂

  2. Oh wow, this is fantastic!! I used to live in the flat above the shop right next door to Al Nada! Absolutely brilliant move by Mimmo – I hope they do really well with this concept. Must make another trip down to Coburg now…

  3. I wish All Nada Sweets was here in Upstate NY. I am craving some balava.

    I wonder when the rest of the world is going to get hip to veganism. I went vegan for spiritual reasons and to eat in a more healthy way. The spiritual path I chose requires being vegan. I used to swear I would never go vegan. It is restrictive, but I don’t regret it. I do still miss cheese and butter, but it is not as devastating now as it was when I first went vegan. I do feel healthier and I did shed weight. I was not fat to start with though so weight was not really an issue.

    When I go out to eat with friends I don’t have a lot of choices. I remember going through this when I went vegetarian many years ago. Now it is easy to be vegetarian. Being vegan is not as easy when it comes to eating out.

    My spiritual path also suggests no onions, garlic and mushrooms. OMG, now that is a real challenge, but I have given them up too. I am a student of the Radiant Rose Academy and that is why I became vegan. .

    • I’ve read about vegans who also avoid onions, garlic and mushrooms so thanks for mentioning that! There’s a vegan Asian restaurant in Melbourne that don’t cook with onions or garlic but they have mushroom. I’ll have to go there and eat a meal and blog about it 🙂

  4. Next time I’m craving Middle Eastern sweets, instead of taking the 19 tram to Balha’s, I’ll give al Nada a go instead. And I’m not even vegan. But always willing to support a worthy shop.

    • hi, I haven’t been there for ages and I think their prices have gone up a wee bit since. I think it used to be ten pieces of whatever you choose for $10. Sorry I can’t help more!

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