A lovely day out in Melbourne: food and fashion!

Today I went to see the Hollywood Costume Exhibition at ACMI (Australian Centre for the Moving Image).  I enjoyed the company of three lovely ladies for lunch first, before heading off to ACMI.

I must admit when it comes to vegan food in the city, I stick to the places I know and never really walk around asking cafes if they have anything vegan.  I kinda feel I’d be walking around hungry for a long time!  So my hungry stomach was thankful today when we found Brown Sugar Cafe.  The man that seated us was very helpful and told me he could make me a vegan roasted veg salad or risotto.  I ended up going for the lentil soup as it was a soupy kind of day (cold, rainy, grey).  I never order soup as I’m not a soup person, but lentil soup is the exception:


It was served with a big piece of Turkish bread.  Very tasty and it was quite a big serving.  Forgive the crappy phone camera photo.  Naturally, I forgot to take a photo of the outside.

Brown Sugar Cafe is located at 25 Block Place, Melbourne.

After our lunch, we walked around a little and tried on hats. Then we made our way to ACMI where again, I didn’t take photos of anything.  And you weren’t allowed to take photos inside.  There were costumes on display including Audrey Hepburn’s famous black dress and her Eliza Doolittle flower lady costume; a selection of Meryl Streep’s costumes; Batman and Spiderman; Neo from The Matrix; one of the Elizabeth (Cate Blanchett version) dresses (stunning!); beautifully embroidered costumes from The Last Emperor.  And so much more, I can’t list them all.  Definitely worth a visit, if you like that sort of thing  🙂

After the exhibition we went for a pot of tea at Captains of Industry on Somerset Place in the city.  I’ve never been there before and loved the space.  Hell, I even loved the toilet seat– a hole in a piece of wood.  Vintage style!

My view from my chair (which was a little too low.  Or the table was too high).  SEWING MACHINES!!!



I didn’t take any more photos as I only had my phone camera.  Plus it was raining and it’s hard to hold an umbrella in one hand whilst trying to take photos that requires two hands!

I really love Melbourne in the rain 😀


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