Yay, I never have to make my own tortillas again!

You may have read about my disaster making tortillas where I embarrassed myself. I still want to make my own, seeing as I spent money on a tortilla press, but I decided to head to La Tortilleria in Kensington with my sister to sample their offerings and perhaps walk away with a stack of authentic tortillas.

There’s a small table with samples when you walk in:


We decided to order some guacamole and tortilla chips, plus the vegan chorizo quesadilla each (with vegan cheese)… I forgot to take a photo before eating some:



I was a bit surprised that the quesadilla was snack size and was disappointed that the filling was the bare minimum  😦 If you go there expecting a big size, you’ll be disappointed… and you may not like the $4.50 price tag.

I spoke to one of the staff and she told me they grind the corn themselves and they’re the only people in Australia who make tortillas this way.  I was told I could take photos of the food but not any of the equipment, which is fair enough.  You can see the tortillas being made behind a window (rather, being cranked through a machine).

I bought some tortillas to take home as I’d prefer to make my own fillings.  If only my family were crazy about taco nights!

lat1 lat2

La Tortilleria is located at 72 Stubbs Street, Kensington.  The seating area is very small but there is an area out the back I believe.  Shortly after we arrived, lots of people rolled up (it was a weekend). http://latortilleria.com.au/

2 thoughts on “Yay, I never have to make my own tortillas again!

  1. Great to see a vegan-focussed review of this place, we’ve been wanting to visit for a while. I shall keep my portioning/pricing expectations in check. 🙂

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