Embarrassing crushes (where most of my readers will run away)

Inspired by Xenia’s wedding post over at Collar City Brownstone (check out Xenia’s home, it’s beautiful) I decided to make a blog post about some of the celebrity crushes I’ve had throughout my life.  I’m sure I’ve left lots out, which is probably a good thing.  In a sort of rough chronological order, I present the following.  I’ve decided not to include any text because when I started typing, I realised I was making up really pathetic excuses.

EDIT:  I forgot to mention that I wasn’t going to put names in, so you guys could guess!  But I’ll put the names in at the bottom, from top to bottom  🙂





























Rapper LL Cool J Barechested Wearing a Crown




1) Christopher Reeve as Superman

2) Michael Jackson in the Thriller era.  I had a Billie Jean windcheater (sweater)

3) Kim Hughes, Australian cricketer

4) … Grizzly Adams.

5) A constipated Kenny Rogers.  I thought he was soooo handsome.

6) Michael Landon as Pa.  Then that Highway To Heaven show.  I must have inherited this from my mum, she loved him too from Bonanza days.

7) Alby Mangels (that’s for the Aussies here!)

8) Barry Gibb.  You may be noticing a theme of big hair and beards here but mercifully, no photo of Santa Claus.

9) Yul Brynner.  Etc etc etc.

10) Ralph Macchio in Karate Kid days.

11) Alex Papps in The Henderson Kids (a good Aussie drama for young adults).  Carry on, togeeeeether, every step of the waaaay…

12) Patrick Swayze.  I was on the Swayze bandwagon before Dirty Dancing, thank you!

13) Bros.  Either twin, I wasn’t fussy.

14) Simon LeBon and his hair.

15) George Michael.  Poor Andrew Ridgley never got a look in.

16) Timothy Dalton as Prince Barron in Flash (Ah-ahh) Gordon.

17) Bono (and I still think he’s gorgeous).

18) Nik Kershaw.  Did you know The Riddle was just random ramblings according to Nik, because he needed to get the melody right?  But then it took off and people around the world are still trying to come up with meanings and Nik is all “there is no meaning!”

19) Johnny Depp from 21 Jumpstreet..  I’m not a fan of his these days.  The modern Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was one of the worst movies and casting I’ve ever seen.  I couldn’t get over how bad that movie was.

20) Tim Finn from Split Enz, who didn’t always look like that.  He’s so handsome, see?

21) The singer from Men Without Hats.  I never knew his name.  Oh hang on, Wikipedia says Ivan Doroschuk.

22) Michael J Fox!

23) Joey from Degrassi.  If I went to Degrassi High I would probably have been picked on for that.

24) Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones (yes he looked better dressed like this).

25) Carl Sagan– a worthy crush!

26) Axl Rose.  I think it was the whole bad boy thing, which is quite lame now.

27) Freddie Mercury.  Did you know his real name was Farrokh Bulsara?

28) Patrick Stewart.  Brilliant actor and what a voice!

29) LL Cool J.  He’s just gorgeous.  I saw him on Sesame Street rapping “it’s addition, you don’t need to be a mathematician, add em add em add em addem up” once and let me tell you there is no better way to start your morning!  This lady loves Cool J!

30) Christopher Eccelston.  Superb actor.

31) Lupe Fiasco.  I was very taken with his song/video “Bitch Bad” (don’t let the title fool you!)

I completely forgot one of my big crushes and you guys have to guess this one:

10 thoughts on “Embarrassing crushes (where most of my readers will run away)

  1. I’m not running away, but some of those ARE embarrassing! 😉 I need labels. I’m not sure who some of them are. I’m totally with you on the Johnny Depp thing though. I have admired him since 21 Jump Street (the first, of course!). I told my husband I would leave him for Johnny (and send him some money). 😉

  2. Okay Veganopoulous there are some men that I have no idea who they are…LOL Next time put the names under the photos. I recognize the first two. Who is number 3, 4, 7, 11, 13, 16, 17, 18, 20, 21, 23, 25, 26, 27 and 31. You just HAD to pick that photo of LL Cool J didn’t you?…LOL

    The only one on your list that ever turned me on is Johnny Depp. I had great respect for Michael Landon because of the wholesome shows he appeared in.

  3. Ok I wasn’t sure who quite a few of these were but now I see the labels all the memories come flooding back – I am so glad you included alex papps – not because he was one of my crushes but because I have been trying to work out where I saw him when he was really young (now that I see him on playschool) – I loved henderson kids – even went to see them filming a bit of it.

    I once decided I liked feargal sharkey in the mid 1980s and was laughed at so hard but then when I was older I found he was the singer of Teenage Kicks which was John Peel’s favourite song so I decided it wasn’t so embarrassing after all – but that’s as far as I go in revealing embarrassing crushes.

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