Summer salad and Beans at Wide Open Road

Husband said magic words the other day: “let me take you to lunch”.  Arthur and DeeW were with their grandparents and Husband and I had errands and stuff.  We were around Sydney Road in Brunswick so I suggested Wide Open Road because I was in the mood for those slow cooked beans.

We were there a bit after the lunch hour so we were one of only a few tables occupied.  Then I got a bit of a shock to see the menu had changed.  No slow cooked beans.  No smashed peas with maple walnuts on sourdough.  No apple-slaw sandwich.  I wasn’t feeling very well that day and was a bit down in the dumps-sooky when going through the menu and finding that nothing really jumped out at me.  I wanted beans so I ordered the side of ‘smoky braised beans’ and the summer salad.

The beans were delicious and the smokyness was just right.  Not like when you make a smoky-something at home and put too much liquid smoke in.  These were perfect and I really wish they’d make a big serve instead of having it as a side dish:


The ‘Summer Salad of strawberries, orange, pomegranate, watermelon jelly, coconut tapioca and puffed grains’ was pretty nice too, although I did feel the light sprinkling of puffed grains was a bit unnecessary, though that could be because I really don’t like the chewiness of puffed grains.  I was a bit disappointed that the watermelon jelly was just a few tiny thin slivers.  The coconut tapioca part was really nice though and the best thing about it was that it wasn’t overly sweetened.  The sweetness was just right, so that part gets a thumbs up from me:


Wide Open Road is located at 274 Barkly Street, Brunswick.  See their website for more details:

* * *

After lunch we had some stuff to do around Melbourne University.  I love walking around the uni grounds, some of the buildings are beautiful.  See? Enjoy!





10 thoughts on “Summer salad and Beans at Wide Open Road

  1. We had brunch there yesterday! Everyone else at the table got the vegan mushroom & white beans on toast, but my summer salad earned a few envious looks. 😀 I really liked it, though I similarly thought that the watermelon jelly didn’t stand out enough.

  2. I love the uni buildings – always gravitate to the old law quad – where are those gorgeous terraced houses in the last photo – I am sure I have seen them but can’t place them

    disappointed the smashed peas on toast with amaaaazing walnuts is off the menu – had that in December and it was one of my favourite dishes of the year – the smoky beans sounds nice but the summer salad seems more like a fruit salad to me which is not what I fancy at this time of year – but would be lovely at the height of summer

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