Tofu Makhani from Holy Cow!

I’ve been really bad with meal planning lately.  The way I like to plan is to look through my bazillion cookbooks and try a few new things.  Unfortunately for the past few weeks, my kitchen table has been covered with all sorts of junk.  Before I sit down to work, I must have a completely clean, clutter free space.  I like to lay out all the cookbooks and a notepad and make a list of what I’d like, what the kids and Husband would like and notes on what we all might like together.  Which is rare, as the kids and Husband all have their own food ‘issues’.  This week, I went through these books:


(yes, sharp eagle eyed readers!  That is indeed a new kitchen table)

So I was going through these cookbooks and a few websites.  Holy Cow! is one of my favourite vegan recipe sites.  I love Indian food.  Love love love it.  So for the stuff I jotted down, I went and did a nice big grocery shop.  I usually like to avoid the big supermarkets but we had a gift card thingy:



Hey!  Who put these in my trolley?:


So years ago, before I was vegan, some friends and I went to dinner and one of my buddies ordered the chicken makhani/butter chicken.  I’d always ordered a korma or rogan josh but after that I was converted to the rather unhealthy chicken makhani.  Husband loved it too.  The vegan version I’ve been using is The Kind Cook’s Not Butter Chicken recipe and I really do like it.  Today I decided to try Holy Cow!’s recipe for Tofu Makhani  because I wanted to make something with cashews.

The recipe is very straightforward and involves marinating some tofu in advance (if you want) then frying it.  For the sauce part you toast some spices, then add onions and the other stuff and finally whiz it all up in the blender:


Husband doesn’t eat tofu (by choice) so I added in some green beans and potatoes I’d steamed.  See steamy photo:


I enjoyed this dish but I suspect I added a bit too much of something (ground fenugreek maybe?) as there was a slightly bitter aftertaste.  It tasted better on the second day and I kept finding myself going back to have another sneaky piece of tofu  🙂

Are you a makhani nut too?

10 thoughts on “Tofu Makhani from Holy Cow!

  1. It looks delicious, what a shame it didn’t live up to your expectations! Holy Cow is one of my favourite blogs too, I’ve tried plenty of Vaishali’s recipes over the years and they usually turn out great. I haven’t made this Tofu Makhani as I use an old favourite recipe we have been fond of for years. I posted a version almost two years ago but it’s been tweaked a fair bit since so I might update it again soon. Butter Chicken is the one meal I always use mock meat in, I’ve tried tofu versions and they have never been quite as good.

    • I never even thought about mock meat in makhani! Husband liked the beans and potatoes so I think I’ll stick with that plus the tofu and just pick out the chunks for myself. I’m really looking forward to my leftovers for lunch today 🙂

  2. So glad you liked the makhani. The bitter aftertaste could be, like you suspected, the fenugreek. It is an acquired taste and a little goes a long way.
    Thanks for your kind words about my blog.

  3. I love dal makhani but I only make it when we have leftover cream – I think it has kidney beans and lentils. I recently saw a vegetable makhani in a menu at one of the local indian takeaways that I wondered about trying. I never knew that makhani was a curry sauce used more widely than dal but I quite like the idea of it with tofu.

    Love your meal planning pile of books – I usually do that sort of thing on the couch – though I have done less planning from books lately as I use my online bookmarks more. Is your table a retro laminex one – I was trying to work out from the pic with the groceries?

    • I really liked the tofu in the makhani and I’ll stick with it, plus the potatoes and green beans 🙂

      Yep the table is a laminex one with six chairs. I’ve been looking for either a yellow or turquoise laminex six seater with chairs in great condition but never found the right size, or condition etc. Or they’d always be located interstate. I finally found this set with the chairs already fully upholstered and the table is just about perfect! It looks a bit crap against the dark wood of our kitchen but it will look totes awesome when we get our reno done!

      • ha ha – you knew I would like to know where you got the chairs upholstered if you get that done 🙂 I love laminex tables but our set is just getting so shabby it makes me a bit sad – a reno sounds exciting (if a little stressful in the short term) – we got a bit of work on our kitchen a few years ago and it just made our place so much more liveable but I was so glad to see the builders go – they were cowboys!

        • I’m stressing out a little about the builders etc because our reno will require demolition work and preserving original features where we can. I picked up two old retro vinyl kitchen chairs free that sort of match my yellow set but they’re in terrible condition and need a full restore job. At least I get to choose colours, I’m thinking Brady Bunch green and an orange 🙂

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