Lunch at Salt n Pepper Indian Cuisine, Highpoint

Today Husband and I had to run some errands at Highpoint Shopping Centre (a massive mall in the suburb of Maribyrnong) before heading elsewhere for more errands.  As we didn’t know when we’d be able to eat next, we took a quick look around the food court.  I don’t know what some of you guys call food courts where you live.  Food hall?  Basically it’s that part of the mall where you find all the food places and a bunch of seating.

Anyway, I spied a shop selling Indian food and tried my luck there as Indian places are the only ones who seem to offer good vegan fare in food courts.  So I did my usual “do you have any dishes that don’t have egg or dairy or anything from an animal?” and the friendly woman behind the counter said “you mean vegan?” and proceeded to explain four vegan dishes.  I went for a veggie pakora plus a simple dhal and an eggplant potato curry with rice for around $9:


My meal was tasty, though I would have preferred a little more spice.  The pakora was good too.  I love Indian food and if I visit the Highpoint food court again I’ll go straight to Salt n Pepper and not bother looking for other vegan options.


Salt n Pepper Indian Cuisine is located at the post office end of Highpoint.  Or the RACV end.  Or the Howard’s Storage World end.

6 thoughts on “Lunch at Salt n Pepper Indian Cuisine, Highpoint

  1. Good to know. I recently discovered that cupcake central has opened at Highpoint, good to know of another savoury option to go with a cupcake!

  2. Have to disagree!

    I will never ever return!
    $12 for a large meal – hair included!

    When I notified the manger of the thick black hair I was offered a pappadum as compensation. Although I love pappadums it didn’t justify the difference.

    I was treated like I myself had purposely put the hair in my meal.

    They have lost a regular customer. You know the saying, when your unhappy you tell 20 other people!!!

    • Oh no! Not good at all. Buttttttttttttt please don’t hate me for laughing at the Pappadum of Compensation. As far as compensatory items can go, that’s the pissiest thing you could be offered! Thanks for letting me know, today I went to another food court Indian place and it was overpriced for bland chickpeas and a veg curry that didn’t have much flavour.

      Your comment reminds me of the time yeeeeears ago when some workmates and I went to a really dodgy cheap back alley place in the city for lunch. Huuuge plates of food for $5 but questionable quality. My co worker was putting his fork to his mouth and all the noodles were hanging off the fork and someone at our table said woah hang on, there’s a hair in your food. So he pulls out this hair that’s sortof tangled with the noodles and he’s pulling it out. And it just keeps on coming, this really long piece of black hair. Gross… he called the waiter and the waiter said oh sorry, took the hair and dropped it. You know when you kind flick and rub your fingers to drop a piece of hair stuck to your fingers? We never went there again but I was glad!

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