Chips, cupcakes and Melbourne

Husband and I have stuff to do in the city every fortnight while the kids enjoy a sleepover with my parents.  My parents have a shelf in their laundry stocked with food supplies.  The rest of us call their laundry Mini Costco.

After our errands were done today, Husband and I went to the MCG.  That’s the Melbourne Cricket Ground, Australia’s largest open air sporting stadium and the tenth largest in the world.  It is the largest cricket stadium on earth and also has the honour of being home to the highest towers at a sporting venue.  Go Melbourne!


There are statues of sporting greats dotted around the stadium:


… and here you can see the reflection of two non-sporting lazy greats:


We’d parked the car nearby and I took photos of some homes which no doubt come with million dollar pricetags:





I never knew I wanted elephant topiary before today. I bet you didn’t either:


We drove off towards the city:




…then parked the car on St. Kilda Road and headed to the food court at Southbank Promenade.  The Promenade runs along the Yarra River.  There are restaurants, retail stores, a big food court, some offices and appartments along there.  The Promenade is a hustle-bustle area on weekends and you’ll often see street performers.  Like this woman.  I took this photo for my Canadian readers.  She posed specifically for you guys:


I have been avoiding eating at Grill’d since I was told their vegan burger patties are cooked on the same grill as the meat patties.  Today I decided to ask and was told that the vegan patties are put on a little tray.  I ended up ordering the chips:


Then I got a red velvet cupcake from Joy Cupcakes.  They have a few vegan options but they’re not available every day.  Hmm.  The cupcake was quite nice and I liked the icing, but I’ll be sticking with Mister Nice Guy’s cupcakes:

I needed to walk off my lunch and we had lots of time to spare before the parking metre ran out. We walked around looking at stuff.  Here’s the Victorian Arts Centre:



Walking down the steps below the bridge that takes you to the Southbank Promenade:



…and back up on the bridge!




Then I waved goodbye to the city and we headed off to Mini Costco to find our missing children amongst the packets of juice and Oreos.


bye bye!

4 thoughts on “Chips, cupcakes and Melbourne

  1. love your photos – I want a topiary giraffe in my front yard – that elephant is so cute – but then I might need to be able to afford one of those houses before I have the right garden for my giraffe 🙂

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