Hot Cross Buns from Mister Nice Guy

With Easter approaching, that means hot cross buns are everywhere.  Our big supermarkets came under fire from church organisations for stocking hot cross buns right after Christmas.  I must confess I’m not really a hot cross bun fan.  I mean, they’re okay but I just get over them really quickly.  Every year I say I’ll bake my own and I might still do that for the Orthodox Easter which is still weeks away.

Mister Nice Guy’s Bake Shop have hot cross buns this week.  So you know where we headed off to, right?

These hot cross buns are more along the line of what I prefer in a HCB.  A sticky glaze (apricot jam) and not just a boring eggy/milky wash.  Light and fluffy and no overdone fruit inside.  Big too  🙂


Mister Nice Guy’s Bake Shop is located at 151 Union Road, Ascot Vale and very close to public transport.  Here is their stockists web page:


8 thoughts on “Hot Cross Buns from Mister Nice Guy

  1. I am not a hot cross buns person either.

    I feel that the church has no business telling the supermarkets when they should or should not sell hot cross buns, but that is another topic all together.

    • A church representative here was saying the supermarkets are being greedy and cashing in, but the PR person for a big supermarket said “it’s all about what the customers want”. Fair enough, I wouldn’t complain if there were mince pies available all year ’round!

  2. Like you, I’m a short-term HCB addict. I get sick of them real quick, but in the early stages of my addiction phase they’re soooo good, especially from an independent baker. Hmm, must go out tomorrow morn and get my first hit!

    • yeah exactly!!! Then I go through the ‘what can we do with a HCB?’ stage. First it’s nutellex, then it’s toasted HCB with nutellex, then HCB spread with choc-tahini, then toasted with choc-tahini.

  3. OH GOSH THEY LOOK MARVELLOUS! Apricot glaze is quite a cool idea, too. I’ve gone off the supermarket ones (and what fun that was, picking them up and trying to ascertain which ones were light and fluffy, without squishing them) – because of the insane amount of unnecessary and unfriendly ingredients. I would LOVE to get a pack of these, you lucky lucky person!

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