Wonderbao bao

I was in the city again yesterday Doing Stuff and was determined to try Wonderbao.  After wandering around aimlessly I finally found it.  And realised I’ve walked past it many times from the outside alley.


The vegan options were ‘Choi bao- shiitake, tofu and vegies’ for $2, ‘Taro bao’ for $1.70 and ‘Fried Silky Tofu Gua bao’ for $3.80.  So what’s a hungry vegan to do?  Get all three!


All three were delicious although I did feel a bit alarmed when I ate the fried tofu bao as I thought “uh oh, does this have egg in it?”  I did specifically ask for vegan as a comment by Wonderbao on their Facebook page said their ‘V’ options were vegan so I am assuming there was no egg.  I hope there was no egg.  I don’t think there was egg.  Looking at my photo I now wonder what the red dot is made from?  I kept the taro bao (on the right in the photo below) last as a sort of dessert:


There’s a bench along the window with seating for about 5 or 6 people but I ate my lunch outside the State Library.  Wonderbao is quite small so people placed their orders then stood outside in a lobby waiting for them. I didn’t wait long and the staff were friendly.  I’d go back again as the bao were all very tasty.

Wonderbao is located at Shop 4/19-31 A’Beckett Street, Melbourne.  Go in to the lobby on A’Beckett street and walk a little ways.  Wonderbao is on your left at the end.  If you’re coming from the Melbourne Central direction, walk down Swanston St and turn left on A’Beckett.  After a very short walk, 19-31 will be on your left.  I think they do cash only (I saw a ‘cash only’ sign but can’t remember now if it was in Wonderbao or somewhere else).

4 thoughts on “Wonderbao bao

  1. Oh how I love steamed buns!
    Don’t you hate it when you think there is egg in your food? It looks like egg, but it could be silken tofu. Or it could be egg that looks like silken tofu. Aargh!

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