Lentil Stew with Cauliflower from Vegan Richa

The other day I saw this fab looking recipe for Red Lentil Stew with Cauliflower over at Vegan Richa. I had all those ingredients and so I made it today.  I love me some lentilly stewy thing and I needed an excuse to get out the pressure cooker, which hasn’t been used in too long.

Okay, so I followed the recipe to the letter.  Except I left it all in the pressure cooker for longer than the recipe stated so I could be ‘sure’ it all cooked.  Big mistake, cos it sort of went to mush.  Still tasted really good though with my brown lentils.  This is something I’ll definitely make again, with the proper time limit in mind!

No photo sorry, I forgot (because I was hungry)…

5 thoughts on “Lentil Stew with Cauliflower from Vegan Richa

  1. LOL….I have overcooked food too, but it still tasted good. I am glad that you still enjoyed it. Lentils are great as stew.

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