Walking around the city and luncheon at Little India, Southbank

Husband and I had some appointments in the city yesterday and part of that is going out to lunch together.  Sounds good but it’s quite challenging to find a place we both like.  Although Husband is happy to go to a place that does veg*n, a lot of the vegetarian dishes contain vegies he doesn’t like at all, or tofu which he isn’t keen on.  He really doesn’t like mock meat so that’s out too.  So yesterday we went to the food court on the lower level at Southbank.  Naturally, there’s something for the omnivores and vegetarians but as I was walking around I was noticing an alarming lack of vegan options.  I used to get Grill’d before I realised they grill the vegan patty on the same grill plate as the meat patties.

Then I spotted Little India.  Indian food outlets in food courts often have vegetarian dishes and some vegan and boy was I pleased when Little India told me their eggplant curry and chickpea curry were vegan.  So I got those with some rice for $8.80:


The eggplant was cut in to big chunks which meant it either hung from my mouth as I tried to eat half or I had to stuff it all in my maw (I did that).  I was pleasantly surprised to find the eggplant actually had some flavour, almost a kind of smokiness.  You know how eggplant thrown straight in to a dish like this just tastes boring?  I didn’t find this eggplant boring at all.

The chickpeas had a nice touch of spice but weren’t anything that special.  I do wish the vegan Indian options in food courts would include more veg!  Still, I would go back and get this meal again as it was tasty and filling.

After lunch, Husband and I walked around the city.  At one point I waited for him along St Kilda Road and this was my view when I lay down in the shade for a bit:


We later parked the car right in front of one of my favourite old houses in Melbourne, at 82 Nicholson Street Fitzroy.  Such a shame about the graffiti, grrr:


We walked around the Royal Exhibition Building.  Melbourne always amazes me with its architecture and when I go past the Exhibition Building I can’t help but wonder what it would have been like to visit back in the 1880s:



It was quite a hot day (those blue skies are untouched in the photos!) and I’m not really a summer person so I was happiest inside the food court with air conditioning  😉

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