Valentine’s Day 2013


Ahh, Valentine’s Day!  Don’t we all want a little French skunk bouncing after us with that cute little springy sound effect?

So I did have grand plans for breakfast (pancakes in heart shapes with fresh fruit) but you know, I sort of looked at the clock and said well we all slept in and we’re planning a Mister Nice Guy’s visit today so let’s get going now.  I did manage to get some fruit in to the family (and the leftover bits got turned in to a nice juice for me).  Yes, this world map does cover our kitchen table.  We have a sheet of clear vinyl on top and you can use whiteboard textas/markers then wipe them off:


Mister Nice Guy’s Bake Shop had their hearts and ribbons a-happenin’. DeeW thought it was super:





I think I just discovered my next birthday cake:


 The bake shop also had a free bottle of home made strawberry milk (rice or soy) with a purchase of a cupcake.  Husband always gets a cupcake.  I like that I’m married to a cupcake man:


Arthur and I got a cinnamon bun and a heart cookie for him to share with his sister:



All my cooking/baking plans went out the window because it’s too hot today and for the rest of the week.  So I was more than happy to go somewhere this year to buy tasty delights.

Hope you had a sunshine day!

(geez, tone it down a bit there Bobby…)

Mister Nice Guy’s Bake Shop is located at 151 Union Road, Ascot Vale and very close to public transport.  Here is their stockists web page:

6 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day 2013

  1. You should really have shares in Mister Nice Guy’s. 😉 Seriously, their stuff looks AMAZING though. That cake is incredible.

    I had plans to make heart shaped cookies, and I dropped those plans too. Sometimes you just can’t get to it all! 🙂 Jo

  2. Well now, if I had those kind of treats around, I wouldn’t have forgotten it was valentine’s day! The strawberry milk bottles are just gorgeous, but holy crap that cake!

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