Individual self saucing microwave puddings: YOU WILL LOVE THIS

So one day when I was a kid, my mum and I were watching tv.  And this commercial came on for a packet mix self saucing pudding.  So I was all MUM WE HAVE TO GET IT OH PLEASE CAN WE GET IT.  From that moment on, a love of self saucing puddings was born.

Mercifully I moved away from those packet mixes and ventured in to baking them from scratch in my before-vegan days.  Then I kind of forgot about them.  Then I remembered them and tried making my own individual sizes with no luck.  Remember when those chocolate-cake-in-a-mug microwave recipes were landing in your inbox?  Yeah, those.  Well I tried them, got sick of them and that was pretty much it.

Until I found this amazing looking recipe by Not Quite Nigella for a Five Minute Self-Saucing Banana Butterscotch Pudding:

(image source taken from Not Quite Nigella, click on the pic takes you to the recipe )

ZOMG you GUYS.  This is the best individual self saucing pudding recipe EVER.  I’ve never really been in to the chocolate puddings and butterscotch was always my fave. It reminds me of the graffiti that was sprayed in the subway of Sunshine train station back in the  90s: “METALICA RULE’S OK?”  Cos I can’t help thinking “THIS PUDING RULE’S OK?”  And if you don’t agree Lars is gonna come and sue you for copyright infringement or something.

Anyway, I’ve made a few variations of this pudding, all with less sugar (or I omit the sugar in the sauce entirely as the golden syrup is enough for me).  My variations include:

– using brown rice flour (leaves a slightly weird aftertaste but not too bad)

– using gluten free self raising flour

– adding chocolate chips

– adding some cacao powder to the cake mix and the sauce to make it a chocolate pudding

– adding a whole passionfruit to the sauce after the ingredients have been mixed together so it’s a passionfruit-banana pudding

– doubling the recipe

– adding cacao to the cake mix and a tablespoon of chocolate-tahini spread to the sauce (you could use a kind of Nutella spread)

CAUTION: FILLING IS HOT.  You will have to wait, and sulk, while the pudding is cooling down. Exit diet, enter deliciousness.


“get in the way of my pudding and you better sleep with one eye open.”


17 thoughts on “Individual self saucing microwave puddings: YOU WILL LOVE THIS

  1. Self-saucing puddings are somehow not really a Thing in the US, so I was *very* happy to discover them when I moved here. I like a good chocolate pud, but my fave has to be a lemon self-saucin that I tried in the winter. So zingy! So warm! So saucy!

  2. We made this tonight (admittedly, James did it – in a huge hurry) and it definitely didn’t work out. There was waaaay too much baking powder. Have you had issues/tinkered with this, or was it just bad luck?

  3. my mum always made the chocolate pudding and we loved it but I have tried the butterscotch one form NQN and love it – once I got it right and stopped burning my tongue (research! right?)

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