A visit to Basfoods Direct in Brunswick

A friend very recently introduced me to Basfoods Direct.  Which was a little embarrassing because I don’t live far away and I’d never heard of it.  I had forgotten to take my purse with me that day and was determined to go back… with  money.

My sister had the day off work yesterday and bless her, offered to come over and help me clean the house.  Arthur and DeeW are staying with my parents for a few days so I can get the cleaning done.  Why do I need my children away from the house, you may ask?  WELL.  This is why:


I present Arthur’s room.  Many a time I’ve said Arthur, go clean your bedroom floor.  It’s a mess.  And he says “Mummo it may be a mess to you but it’s not a mess to me.  So is it really a mess?” That’s what you get for being Greek folks.  You stand the risk of giving birth to Socrates. Socrates has a super clean room now.  Socrates will not be impressed.

I wanted the kids out of the house so I could thoroughly clean their rooms and get rid of stuff.  Their stuff.  SSSHHH.  The sort of stuff they haven’t seen in years and then suddenly it’s their faaaavourite thing when I drag it out from behind the bookshelf.  So my sister offered to help me out and then drop things off at Savers and have some lunchies.  And I said that’s totally cool and I’m taking you to Basfoods.  And off we went:


Basfoods stock Mediterranean and Turkish foods.  There are also bags of nuts, beans, grains, dried herbs and spices.  It’s not a veg*n specific store but there’s lots in there you can use in your veg*n kitchen.





I’m not really sure how their prices compare to other places although they do seem cheaper than the big supermarkets.  I have bought my supplies from Preston market in the past, or small Turkish or Lebanese stores.  I didn’t have time to note down prices and I have already lost my receipt.

I left there with containers of herbs and spices, more pink Himalayan salt, pulses, legume and some Spanish paprika.  No musical instruments though or the cute terracotta bowls (which I’ve always wanted but know I’d never use):



After Basfoods we dropped donations off at Savers and had a quick look around.  I used my discount card to get these Johnson Brothers plates (designs I collect, haven’t seen these in Savers yet), an unused knitting set and game for DeeW and this sweet little sewing basket for Dee-Dubs:




For Melbourne peeps reading this, got any recs for other cheap beans/nuts/etc stores?

See you back here soon folks!

Basfoods Direct is located at 419 Victoria Street in Brunswick.  Website is http://www.basfoods.com.au


6 thoughts on “A visit to Basfoods Direct in Brunswick

  1. I love Arthur’s Mario wall thing! It’s cute!

    I buy a lot of my dried goodies from Friends of the Earth in Collingwood, because I can bring in my own containers to fill up. They focus on local and organic stuff so it’s only sometimes cheaper, but I really like it there and it’s 100% vego (and very vegan friendly).

  2. Oasis Bakery in Oakleigh is my favourite wonderland. I never walk out of there without bagloads of stuff. It looks very similar to your Basfoods Direct and stocks a vast array of middle-eastern and mediterranean foods. No bouzoukis though!

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