Australia Day sort-of festivities

So the plan for today was to take the kids in to town and check out the free Australia Day events that were happening around the Gardens.  Except we didn’t end up going anywhere and I didn’t make any of the Australia Day kinds of foods I had in mind.  No biggie though as the kids had the home made sausage rolls today and the Australian animal cupcakes from Mister Nice Guy’s yesterday.  So we were pretty much covered.


In the morning there was a library visit and in the afternoon we decided to go geocaching, then hung out at a quiet playground.  Husband will be interstate for a week as of tomorrow so we opted for something quiet.  Like a slightly dodgy suburban alleyway:


Dog poo on grass equals single file on concrete:




These signs and bags are a common sight.  They need to put one in that alley way:



A nice lazy laid back kind of day!

6 thoughts on “Australia Day sort-of festivities

  1. Cute cupcake. We went into the Kings Domain Australia Day celebrations and it was chaotic with huge queues for any food or activity – was nice to go in but your relaxed day looks really good apart from the dog poo single file 🙂

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