Dinner sort of at Yong Green Food

Tonight my buddy and I attended a little vegan ‘do which involved buying dinner at Yong Green Food and taking it to a nearby park.  This was my first visit to Yong Green and I was looking forward to it because the menu I saw online was full of awesome.


I ended up settling for the $15.50 Japanese curry.  I really enjoyed this as Japanese curry has always been a favourite dish and this is my first vegan version.  I don’t like returning to a restaurant to order the same thing as I like to try different things, but I can see myself ordering this again (sorry about the grotty looking lid):


For dessert I chose the raw tiramisu.  I gasped a bit when I saw the size (after we arrived at the park and sat down to eat) because it cost $10.50 and well, it was smaller than I’d hoped.  But it’s raw, and fancyish, and probably one of the nicest desserts I’ve ever tasted in my whole life.  I don’t want to even try to replicate this at home because I know I’d eat an entire slab in one sitting:


My friend got the raw kelp Pad Thai, made with organic veggies and a creamy chilli cashew sauce for $18.50.  It looked fabulous and the fellow vegans who ordered it said it was great:


For dessert my buddy got the $8.50 raw lemon cheesecake.  Yummm:


I loved my meal and I hope I can go back soon.  Service was friendly but they were very busy with orders and slightly frazzled.  After ordering  my friend and I went for a ten minute walk and when we returned our food was ready.  Yay!

Check out these photos from other diners, and be sure to view the pics of the Menu of Awesome.  Now you see why I want to go back!

After we were done eating, my buddy and I caught the tram in to the city and wandered around a bit.  I loved this window display of a store on Brunswick Street, Fitzroy:



Walking around the city.   This is Melbourne Town Hall:





A Victoria Police (Melbourne is the capital city of the state of Victoria) van over there in the distance, hopefully placing KFC under arrest.  In the foreground here we have a ‘divvy van’, aka divisional van.  There’s a cute little door in the back and a cute little window for not-so-cute citizens to peep through.  In Australia our emergency services number is 000.  Not 911. This photo is purely for those of you who like pictures of foreign police cars:


We made our way to Federation Square to be greeted by shaded areas complete with deck chairs and bean bags for viewing the Australian Open on a really big tv.  My feet and my vegan sneakers:


And we were treated to this deck chair view before calling it a night and catching the train back home:


Yong Green Food is located at 421 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy and right along a tram line.  I loved my meal which was also really quite filling.  Double thumbs up!

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