Meal Planning

Do you meal plan?  When I do, we eat really well nutrients-wise.  Everything is organised, I have veggies prepared a day in advance and leftovers are put to good use.  When I don’t meal plan, we don’t eat as well and I’m always running around frazzled wondering what to cook.

My most ambitious meal planning effort saw me plan for the month ahead.  People thought I was nuts but I love organisation systems like this.  In terms of eating and food preparation, that was an excellent month.

So today I’ve started meal planning again.  In the past I printed out my own 7 day meal planning sheet.  Now I have the meal planning pad from Kikki.K.  I thought if I spent money on something I’d be more inclined to use it (image belongs to Kikki.K and is taken from their site, click on the image to get to the product page):

kikkik meal planner pad

As well as taking in to consideration what the family like, I also check out the 7 day weather forecast.  For instance, today will be 35C (95F) so the oven won’t be going on.  I made a batch of sausage rolls yesterday and they will be tonight’s dinner.  Wednesday will be 22C (71.6F) so much better suited to using the oven.

I also take in to account how much effort a meal will require.  Do I have to stand at the stove stirring something often?  Does anything require an overnight soaking?  And so on and so on.  Having a meal plan really does help the “what am I going to cook?” stress levels.  I like to sit down with a cookbook or two and choose a couple of meals or snacks, so I can just keep those books on my recipe stand and be ready to go for the week.

Okay, I better put this week’s meal plan together seeing as it’s Monday morning.  I was supposed to have it done last night but I fell asleep early.  So breakfast for everyone was again slightly frantic.  Even having fruit cut up and prepared, or ingredients ready to go, can help when you are surrounded by “what’s for breakfast I’m hungrryyyyyyyy” voices that kind of go on and on.

Have a great Monday!




2 thoughts on “Meal Planning

  1. Looks like we are on the same page this week. I like your idea of using a meal planning pad, or even printing a page. I have been running back to my blog to see what I planned for dinner. 😉 My kids don’t say they are hungry in the morning, but after school, look out! Something better be ready or else!

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