Random foodie things of the past couple of weeks

Here’s a look at some of the veganny goodness/not-so-goodness stuff I ate this week:

I spotted these in an Asian supermarket and was assured they’re vegan.  Note the picture on the box.  Note the real life version.  No, the inside looked nothing like the box either:



My parents visited for lunch and I made vegan sausage rolls.  My dad liked them which, trust me, is amazing:


I made a pasta ‘sauce’ with some roasted eggplant panfried with some sundried tomatoes, tapenade, red onion and garlic.  I served it over my leftover kritharaki.  Man, I really need to stop with the food closeups:


I had lots of dolmades for leftovers.  They look a horrible colour in this photo:


I made the Pad Thai from The Kind Cook:

I made an apple-rhubarb-sweet potato crumble for dessert.  I call it ‘breakfast crumble’ because in the fruit layer I have rhubarb, sweeter apples, sultanas and a finely grated sweet potato (no sugar in the fruit layer).  The crumble layer is made of oats, minimal raw sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, ground cloves, shredded coconut and the flour used is a ground up five grain porridge mix.  I used vegan margarine here but next time I’ll see about using coconut oil.  When I make something for ‘dessert’, it often contains hidden veggies that I can serve the kids for breakfast but it’s not something that unhealthy.  I’m going to experiment with using buckwheat and barley flour more in this recipe:


Dumplings purchased from Global Green Vegetarian Food Mart:


I made crumbed tofu nuggets, with the breadcrumb coating containing almond meal, garlic powder, onion powder and nutritional yeast.  The tofu was a firm one, pressed to get as much water out as possible then cut up in to chunks:


Of course there was lots of food on Christmas and New Years which I blogged about separately.  Now I’m just working through all the leftovers…

2 thoughts on “Random foodie things of the past couple of weeks

  1. I love and enjoy your food photography. Please do not stop taking close up pictures of the food. I am the one who needs to take some lessons on how to use my digital camera. My issue is learning how to take clear pictures instead of grainy looking ones.

    What is mochi? Is that vegan ice-cream?

    I love the simple layout of your new blog.

    • Thank you! I haven’t sat down properly yet with my camera as I like to have complete silence and zero interruptions! Mochi is a little cake made from glutinous rice. The ones I bought had a peanut butter tasting centre but they were just too chewy for me.

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