A vegan Christmas ‘stollen’

This year I decided to make a vegan Christmas stollen.  According to Wikipedia, a stollen is “a fruit cake containing dried fruit and often marzipan and covered with sugar, powdered sugar or icing sugar.  The cake is usually made with chopped candied fruit and/or dried fruit, nuts and spices.  Stollen is a traditional German cake, usually eaten during the Christmas season”.

I lived in Amsterdam for a few years and my sister in law was living in Berlin.  We went to visit her near Christmas time once, and I think I may have eaten too much of the stollen she had.  Years later I made my own, which involed three 250g blocks of butter and lots of multiple bakes with butter basting.

So this was the year I decided to make a vegan version.  My friend sent me the link to this recipe: http://tastykitchen.com/recipes/breads/christmas-stollen/  It looked easy enough so I decided to go ahead with it.

All I had was the half the amount of chocolate chips listed, and white chocolate at that.  I also ran out of sliced almonds so I had to chop some by hand.  Everything else was done following the recipe.

I did run in to some trouble when I was confused about where to add the yeast mixture.  There is a part of the recipe that says to add in the liquids, I took this to mean the yeast mix.  So if you are making this recipe, be sure to read through it a few times, noting where to add the ingredients.

Okay, so I prepared the dough before bedtime then left in the fridge overnight.  It had doubled in size:


The dough gets rolled out then I sprinkled it with the nuts-choc mixture:


Rolled it up:


Then made a circle with it, joining the ends together, and snipped all the way around.  Yes, it’s slightly bigger on one side:


Left it to rise again for a couple of hours.  The ‘slightly bigger on one side’ is more noticeable:


Then the baking is done!


The second coating with icing sugar and it’s ready to serve.   Let’s ignore the fact that it’s bigger on one side:




Next time I will add lots more dried fruit and nuts in the correct fashion.  I don’t think the chocolate chips are necessary.

This is definitely more a sweet bread than a stollen. The stollens I’ve had are all firmer and not ‘light’ and they’re heavier on the dried fruit and nuts.  Still, this was a lovely recipe and the stale leftovers would make a great french toast or bread and vegan-butter pudding.  When I make it again, I will increase the amount of cranberries and add a selection of chopped nuts and fruit.  I’ll also divide the dough in half to make two to give as gifts.

I’ll be making them again tomorrow.  I’ll google marizpan recipes now to see if I can add a strip of marzipan through the centre.


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