Christmas/Newtonmas Eve snapshots

The thermostat reached 39C (102.2F) yesterday and today I woke to a warm morning, blustery winds and my washing line, with washing, on the ground.  I had to do some baking today and prepare Christmas goodies for family.  Fortunately the weather cooled fairly quickly.

Even on hot days I still start my day with a cup of tea.  Today’s selection was chai flavoured green tea in my 90c Savers cup:


The ‘Arthur’ Christmas special was on this afternoon:


The latest issue of Vegan Health & Fitness arrived:


I had to snip some of our grapevine leaves so my mum can make Greek stuffed vine leaves.  All helpers must wear monster slippers:


Roasting nuts to give out as little gifts but they taste burnt even though they’re not, sigh:


A Christmas lights display at one of the houses in my neighbourhood:


A Christmas Eve supper of vegan sausages (the Linda McCartney ones) and veg (not shown), followed by stollen I made today (recipe up soon).  The plates are part of a bulk lot of vintage dinnerware I picked up cheap.  I have the matching glasses for the old jug (found at Savers, my grandma had one of these) but I decided on the Ikea Christmas glasses instead.  Because, you know, I’m dreaming of a white Christmas:



Treats out for Santa Claus and the reindeer.  DeeW is really in to the whole Santa thing.  Arthur, not at all.  The conversation between them was something like “DeeW, Santa Claus DOES NOT EXIST.  I don’t understand how you could believe that rubbish”.  “Well my brother, that’s because you are stupid and your brain is the size of a pea”.  Noice:


I’m pooped.  It was a very late night last night assembling presents, getting stuff together and watching the last half of ‘Bella Swan and the Huntsman’ on dvd.  Tonight we need to finish off the assembly work and do some tidying up.  It’s a big day tomorrow and I hope to be home before dinner time so we can all unwind and enjoy a quiet evening.

Have a wonderful day/night everyone and a fantastic Christmas/Newtonmas/Bradymas!

Brady Christmas!

4 thoughts on “Christmas/Newtonmas Eve snapshots

  1. That magazine looks intriguing. Don’t think I can get that one around here. That is one very decorated house you photographed! Ours is fairly plain, because neither one of us is prepared to do all that work! You have made me crave a cup of tea, and I’m off to get one now!!

    • Every year we say we’ll go and buy some house light decorations in the post-Christmas sales but then I think of all the work involved. My old neighbour used to start putting lights up in November and it took him a long time to pack them up too. So I think we’ll get a lazy little light thing that flashes in our front window.

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