Three more sleeps…

… until Christmas!

I like Christmas because for us, it’s all about the kids.  They get so much fun out of things like decorating the tree, making decorations and baking (weather permitting, I’m not putting the oven on when it’s a hot day no matter what). I asked what they’d like for Christmas breakfast and the list now includes waffles, pancakes, fairy bread, hot chocolate, ginger beer.   I’ll make cornbread waffles in advance using Isa C.M’s recipe from Vegan Brunch’ and her Perfect Pancakes from the same book as they’ve never let me down.  Fairy bread isn’t exactly what I planned on serving for breakfast.  That’s what you get for asking kids what they’d like, and not adding your disclaimers.  The weather forecast says 22C (71.6F) for Christmas day.  Perfect!  Yes, it’s summer in Australia.  Last year’s Christmas day reached about 37C (98.6F).  Then a cool change came through, followed by a hail storm (golf ball sized in some areas) and heeeaps of rain:


The drive home was a very slow one:


And yes, splashing about in the gutter is more fun when you’re wearing your pyjamas.  This is a fairly typical driveway in suburbia here– concreted by the local council with the large patch of grass (the ‘nature strip’) outside your home.  Which technically you don’t own but you need to maintain it anyway.  I had to throw this driveway information in as I looove seeing photos of what houses and supermarkets and stuff look like around the world.  Even driveways:


Anyway, for Christmas breakfast 2012 I’ll make up some freshly squeezed juice and have some fresh fruit available.  Which probably won’t get touched.  I don’t want to do any cooking in the morning so the weather forecast is a good one because I can reheat stuff in the oven.

This is my first Christmas as a vegan.  We’re going to lunch at my family’s house and they’re all big meat eaters but don’t give me any fuss about my choices.  I’ll be taking something along but not sure yet, maybe a super kale salad and vegan sausage rolls for the kids (and me).

This year I decided to put together little hampers for family that contain some home made vegan goodies.  I’m thinking Christmas stollen, cinnamon sugar, Christmas fruit cake, black bean salsa and some store bought things.

With only a few more days left for Christmas, today’s the day I need to do all the grocery shopping and start cleaning the kitchen before I start cooking.  So, I better get to it.  Happy Christmas preps!

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