TVP Chorizo, Refried Beans and Chickpeas of Simplicity

So Arthur is now keen on trying vegan foods I make which is great.  I talked about having ‘taco Tuesday’ and so here we are.  Well, a day later ‘cos it’s Wednesday.

I’ve been wanting to make a chorizo flavoured dish for a while but not a seitan sausage.  ‘Hearty Vegan Meals For Monster Appetites’ has a TVP Chorizo that looked perfect.  It’s so easy to make, although I did add a few drops of liquid smoke.  You just put everything in a bowl, cover and let the TVP reconstitute. I then browned it all in a frying pan because I like crispyness.

Next I wanted a refried beans recipe so I headed straight for Terry Hope Romero’s ‘Viva Vegan!’ and her recipe for  Home-Style Refried Beans.  This is something I rarely make as nobody in the fam is keen on beans apart from me.  Again, this was another simple straightforward recipe.  To me, refried beans are just refried beans and I’ve never gone “oh my gosh these are amazingly good!” but that could be because I always use kidney beans and with kidney beans, I get over them really quick.  This recipe was nice though.

My next recipe was intended for Arthur.  He’s never eaten chickpeas, apart from roasted.  For my simplicity chickpeas, I put a can of cooked chickpeas in the frying pan, added some tomato paste then some water mixed with vegan chicken style stock powder (the Massel one) and nooch and simmered it like a pasta sauce.

So those were my three taco fillings, as well as some butter lettuce, tomato and Tofutti cheese cut up in to ‘shreds’.  I had hard shell tacos and soft tacos:


I really like the TVP chorizo and I think the addition of liquid smoke was just right.  I can see myself making this again as I love the flavours.  I used the leftovers in some puff pastry:


Now for Arthur’s review.  I gave him a little taste of the chickpeas, refried beans and TVP chorizo.

Arthur: *massive show of gagging, clutching throat, choking, falling everywhere, getting back up, falling everywhere*

 You know that scene in the original Get Smart where Maxwell gets an acting gig and does the drawn out death scene?  Where he’s falling all over the place?  That’s my boy right there.

Husband was out for dinner but tried some leftover TVP Chorizo and said it was okay which means I should be able to make it again and have him like it more next time. DeeW only had a bit of plain soft taco and didn’t like it.

Okay, so Taco Tuesday was a bit of a flop… here’s to hoping that Thai Tuesday will be a hit!

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