German Lentil Stew from Happy Herbivore Abroad

A new cookbook arrival:


It’s summer here in Melbourne.  Which means I got sunburnt last weekend in the hot sun but two days ago I was sitting here in winter clothes and my dressing gown because I was so cold.  And today it’s 37C (98.6F).That’s Melbourne weather for you.  Christmas Day last year started off quite hot, a cool change came through and then we had golf ball sized hail and warm clothes on all in a few hours.

So I haven’t read through Happy Herbivore Abroad yet.  I did look at the first recipe a few days ago when it was cold in the house (as in, put on your dressing gown and heat up a wheatbag cold) and said right I’m making that as it’s perfect cold weather food.

That first recipe in the book is German Lentil Stew.  I had all the ingredients, measured out the lentils and when rinsing them noticed bugs in the new packet I just opened.  Sigh.  So I had to use French lentils instead as that’s all I had.  So, I present German Lentil Stew… with French Lentils:


I wouldn’t say it turned out a particularly pretty looking dish, as the potatoes were a cacky colour from the lentils, but for a simple lentil stew this hits the spot.  I liked the addition of lemon zest.  I love lentil dishes and would make this again for sure!

Okay, time to go unpack all my purchases from Savers  🙂

3 thoughts on “German Lentil Stew from Happy Herbivore Abroad

  1. Lentils are just so super, I don’t know where to begin 🙂 I’ve never had bugs in lentils before and I’d recently bought the packet. There was a beetle looking thing in there (not moving) and other suspicious bits.

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