Tempeh Brown Rice pattie burger thingoes

Yesterday I had a packet of tempeh I wanted to use.  I also need to finish off the leftover brown rice I’d cooked.  Put those two together and you get the incredibly creative tempeh brown rice burger!

I finely diced (after steaming) my block of tempeh.  When I say finely I mean microscopic finely because I still can’t eat a chunk of tempeh without wincing.  In teeny tiny pieces mixed with other mooshy stuff, it’s okay.  So, to my 250g block of teeny tiny diced tempeh, I added roughly two cups of cooked brown rice, half a large finely diced red capsicum (bell pepper), one small onion finely diced, a finely diced ripe tomato, a good shake of cumin, two minced garlic cloves, salt and pepper.  I chilled the mixture and was happy to see they kept their shape in the pan, where I fried them in a bit of oil for the brown crispyness.

I served mine with a lemon myrtle sauce I bought ages ago (because it was 50% off):


Next time I’ll add some chopped fresh dill or fresh coriander to the mix.  I didn’t this time as Husband finds those flavours a bit too strong in burger patties, so I sprinkled some dill on top of mine.  I won’t bother saying I ARTFULLY sprinkled dill on top in an ARTISTIC manner, ‘cos my photos suck too much for that.

Iron Chef Review time:

Me: yeah,they’re okay. Something I’d make for the protein portion of my meal although I don’t fancy the pan fry in oil bit.  These would be best served on a bed of salad greens, with some roast sweet potato on the side.

Husband: “they’re okay, but you have them”.

Arthur: “Ewwww no thanks”.

DeeW: “Definitely no thanks”.

I’d make these again if I had brown rice and tempeh to use up, but more as a sort of “I can’t be bothered making anything fancier so easy peasy patties it is”.  They could be made wonderful with different flavours though  🙂  I guess they could also be made smaller and served up as party food.

Okay, I’m off to go make a lentil stew from my latest cookbook arrival, wheee!

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