Melbourne Symphony Orchestra vs Lord of the Fries. Tough call…

Today I took my almost-five-year old daughter, DeeW, to the Sing! Classic Kids session.  Such awesome stuff.  DeeW learned the names of some instruments.  I learned that when you go to an event for children, you will almost always smell fart the whole way through.

On the way to the auditorium, we passed the National Gallery of Victoria:


My friends from out of town always say things like ooooh, you’re so lucky to live in Melbourne.  You have the WATER WALL gallery.  And I just shake my head all mysterious like, give a coy little smile and say my friends, it’s not just a water wall:


it’s really…



So after we rematerialised all our bits, we headed off to the MSO session which was really quite cool.  Alas, they did not play “YMCA” so don’t be fooled by the conductor:


After the session, I asked DeeW what we should eat for lunch.  Mango icecream was the answer.  I haven’t really had much of a chance to explore quick vegan options for when I have my children in tow so I went to my old faithful, the Lord of the Fries stand at Flinders Street Station.  Yay vegan options!



DeeW wasn’t keen on the golden satay sauce and I found it a bit too sweet:


We ate our fries on the cool shady steps of St. Paul’s Cathedral.  Here’s the view from there:


We stopped in at Habib Wholefoods to buy DeeW an icecream.  I saw a big piece of vegan chocolate cake and decided to try it, even though I’m not a massive fan.  It was a eyes-are-bigger-than-the-stomach greedy moment.  I had a bit and took the rest home:


When I’m out with the kids, I prefer buying food from places where we can get through the meal quickly.  Lord of the Fries is super conveniently placed.  Next time I’m on my own, I might go and try Enlightened Cuisine.  I really do love my hot chips (fries) as much as I love the rare occassions I get to hear an orchestra live.

See you again soon  🙂

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