Not-Butter-Chicken from The Kind Cook

One of my big challenges is cooking vegan meals my non-vegan Husband likes.  Animal products are off both the menu and the shopping list in our home.  Husband is also what some would call a rather fussy eater.  On the plus side, he can eat the same meal many many times in a row and never get sick of it.  Me, I get sick of the same smoothie after two days.

I was hunting around for veganised versions of his favourite meals and happened across this fantastic recipe for Not Butter Chicken by Mel over at The Kind Cook.  Mel won my heart at The World Event To End Animal Cruelty a few months ago with a fantastic cooking demo where her food and drinks made my eyes roll back in my head.

With this recipe I used potatoes, carrot and green beans as they are the only vegies Husband likes that would suit this dish.  For myself, I added in firm tofu and pumpkin.  The only thing I do differently is significantly cut down the amount of cumin as Husband doesn’t like too-strong cumin flavour.  I also go for the coconut milk option in the recipe.  I prefer brown rice to white, although white would make for a nicer photo.  Next time I make this, I’ll blend up some cooked red lentils throw them in.  They should fool Hubz.

This is one of my favourite vegan recipes and gets a big thumbs up from Husband. Forgive the naughty green bean in this photo for rolling out of position.

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