Welcome to Veganopoulous

Welcome!  I became vegan in early-ish 2012 (yeeeeears too late *sigh*) and am now in the process of trial and error when it comes to finding vegan dishes my family will eat.  I sneak vegies in to foods.  I lie without hesitation.  But hey, if it tastes good and they eat it, I’ll risk the bad karma.

I’ll be posting about recipes I’ve tried and how the critics rated them.  My most creative critic is my eight year old son.  “No offence Mummy, but this looks like super compressed tiny balls of poop”.  See what I mean?  Buckwheat never sounded so good.

As I don’t want to use the names of my children here, I’ve had to think up some suitable nicknames.  One of their  favourite TV shows (and mine *cough*) is Arthur.  Now, Arthur is eight years old like my son.  And his little sister DW is four years old, like my daughter.  At the time of trying to think up nicknames, these seem suitable enough.  So here are my Arthur and my DeeW (let’s spell it that way), in a most realistic representation:

Thanks for visiting and I hope you stick around  🙂

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